How to Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue – Simple Methods in 2023

Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue

The Xbox One is an eighth-generation home video game console from Microsoft. People prefer to use their headsets using Xbox products to enhance the gaming experience. However, there was a frustrating problem with the headset- they discovered that the Xbox one mic wasn’t working. There are two possibilities that arise in this case, either your microphone is physically damaged or there are some issues with the configuration or settings.

Sometimes, simple solutions solve the problem and sometimes even elaborate ones don’t provide a solution. Possible solutions are given below. Users have different hardware with different settings and therefore a single solution is not the answer to all problems. Before we go ahead and discuss the steps with you, we want you to make sure that the problem is not caused by any system-related problem. Don’t worry about it, we provide some easy methods to solve this problem.

1. Power Cycle Your Xbox:

Power Cycle Your Xbox

Power cycling refers to the act of turning off your android device completely and then turning it back on. It helps in its recovery from an unresponsive state or module. It is also used to reset all network configurations and connections with all connected devices/controllers when you turn off the device:

  • Click the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds to turn the controller off completely (do so without removing the headphones).
  • Then, click on the Xbox button on the Xbox One to turn it off.
  • When the modules are fully powered off, unplug the Xbox One’s power cable.
  • Wait for some time, say 2-3 minutes, then turn everything back on and see if it fixes the problem.

2. Check Headphones on another device:

Check Headphones on another device

If the above methods don’t work, make sure there is no hardware-related problem. To check, plug the controller into another Xbox device and see if the voice is registered using the mic on that system. If another system registers the mic, you should ensure that you have missed any of the above steps. If all the methods don’t work- check out the following tips and see if they do the trick:

  • Disconnect the headset and plug it back in after some time.
  • Make sure the headset is not muted.
    Increase Audio Threshold from Settings > Device and Accessories,
    Make sure the controllers and Xbox one are updated with the latest build,
    Check if the controller’s batteries are firmly seated,
    Make sure the headset you are using is compatible with Xbox one,
    Make sure all cables are wired correctly,
    Consider plugging the headset into another controller,
    Adjust the balance of the chat room and game sound,
    Check Chat Mixer if you can’t hear other people,
    Under Headset Audio change the Headset Format to Windows Sonic for your Headphones. Also, disable virtual surround in apps

3. Check the Headset:

Check the Headset

When the Xbox One mic is not working and can hear but not speak, you should do some basic checks first.

  • Check that the headset is properly connected to the controller and that the controller is properly connected to the console. Please disconnect the headset from the controller and reconnect it. As for the controller, please try reconnecting or re-syncing it to the Xbox One console.
  • The headset has a mute button to control the voice. Please check the mute button status to make sure it is not muted. Moreover, you should also check the audio settings on Xbox One; Please try increasing the microphone volume a little.
  • Test the headset on another controller and test the controller on another Xbox One console to rule out physical issues.

4. Change to Energy Saver from Settings:

Change to Energy Saver from Settings

In the energy-saving setting, Xbox requires you to power on the console and it may take up to 45 seconds for the console to fully power up. This mode consumes very little power and provides the solution for you:

  • Open Xbox Settings and go to Power and Startup options.
  • Now, under the Power option, highlight the option that says Power Mode and use the A button on the controller to toggle to Energy Saving Mode.
  • Save changes, exit, and run.

5. Update the Xbox Controller:

Update the Xbox Controller

Xbox One controllers use firmware that needs to be updated occasionally. You can update your Xbox One controller in the console device settings and check if the microphone issue is fixed.


We hope your issue related to the ‘Xbox one mic’ error is resolved using the above-mentioned solutions. If you found this article useful, leave a comment below. Still, if you have any questions? Comment in the comment box.

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