Top Best iOS 14 Home Screen Themes

iOS Home Screen Themes can be found on the mobile. However, people using mobile think to keep their home screen unique. Before searching for themes make sure that your iPhone is updated with the 14th version. If it is updated then you can change your home screen in different styles.

Best iOS Home Screen Themes

Below are the themes which are unique and stylish.

1. Neon:

If you feel to look at your screen in a different way. Then, you can try this theme. This theme is said to be as 80’s inspired trend. When you turn all your app icons into miniature neon signs. The home screen creates a cool depth effect on your home screen. However, to see your icons brighter this will be perfect for the screen.neon theme

2. Black and White 

It is simple to use. Also, the people who think to display their screen simply can use it. Also, it looks so elegant. If your aesthetic is minimal, and no-frills. Moreover,  to all-business, you can go for a black and white home screen theme. This is one of the best ones to set on your and white

3. Pastel Rainbow

Pastel rainbow home screen theme has a soft and sublime look. It is like a rainbow and the primary colors are loved by all. But you want sometimes a palette color. Then this will be the perfect set for you. However, this is accomplished with lilac, pink, soft yellows and oranges, and also mint green.pastel rainbow

4. Sneakerhead

By using custom sneaker icons, your home screen looks attractive. Sneaker icons mix and match your app covers to create the sneaker wall. That you’ve always wanted – without paying to resell. However, these packs include sneaker shelf wallpapers, custom widgets, and more.theme sneakerhead

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5. Shades of Green

Shades of green are the theme for genius. This is one of the best themes available for the ios 14 updates. Also, this home screen is worth a million. The apps also look in green color. Moreover, it is a unique type of home screen. People get attracted easily to this classic theme

6. Split Colored Wallpaper

Split-colored wallpaper is the popular layout idea for iOS 14 home screens. Using this you can split backgrounds. Also, you can use color-blocked wallpapers. This look separates app icons and even widgets to create a clean and organized appearance. Moreover, this is one of the best wallpapers on the home screen.split theme

7. Retro Pixel Art Home screen

By using this home screen you will experience a new way. If you have grown up playing games on older consoles namely SNES or a Gameboy. Then you will enjoy this retro home screen. This layout brings you back every ounce of nostalgia. Also, the home screen is with pixelated widgets and app icon designs.iOS Home Screen Themes

8. Hand illustrated Aesthetic color

If the user wants their iOS 14 home screen to feel a bit more artistic. Then, using hand-illustrated icons is a great way to achieve that. Moreover, this is a unique type of home screen. Also, the user gets a feel-good to see app icons in this theme. It is a user-friendly theme.iOS Home Screen Themes

9. Text Appeal

In-text appeal theme you can find more different fonts. The main feature of this theme a cool dark-to-light look across our icons. The graphics used here are hand-drawn, organic blobs, social media, clean green, moons, and stars. It changes the shapes of icons. Also, it has eco-friendly stickers where you ever did meet.iOS Home Screen Themes

10. Radical Retro

It is the same popularity as the neon theme. Also, it is super psyched with this gnarly aesthetic. The texture used here is gradients. Moreover, the graphics set used in this design are namely- I want my MTV, Supa fresh, Notification windows, and Simple cursors.iOS Home Screen Themes


The people who use iPhone 14 version think of new wallpapers. Here is the list of themes to make your home screen beautiful. Also, these are the best and unique. Moreover, by using these wallpapers the ios users will have a good feel.

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