Top 5 Latest Technological Innovations In Smartphones

In recent times, mobile has become an important gadget in the world. Most likely, every people in the world own a mobile device. Also, mobile technology has made its advancement in recent years. The mobile manufacturers are pushing the limit to provide the best sleek, thin, and yet more mobile devices to the customers. Whereas, one such innovation that was introduced recently is the flexible phone. Although, there have been several trends occurring in the mobile technology world. But, here we will provide the list of top 5 technology innovations. So in this article, you will find details about the list of Top 5 Latest Technological Innovations In the Smartphones.

Top 5 Latest Technological Innovations In Smartphones

Unbreakable Phones

If you have ever dropped a phone, you know how much it actually hurts. Fear not, Nokia is functioning to utilize a cloth called graphene, billed because the world’s strongest material. Whereas, 300 times stronger than stainless steel in hopes of having a breakthrough in modern computing environments. In short, if Nokia hits the jackpot with graphene, it’s going to be wont to make phones within the future, and that we can finally have an unbreakable mobile that can survive a drop onto the pavement without an excessive amount of of a bruising to its exterior and to our wallets.

Depth-Sensing Cameras

First of all, you know of 3D printing but have you heard of 3D scanning with a smartphone. Whereas, these depth-sensing cameras will allows you handheld 3D scanning, augmented reality games, and better photo-taking capabilities in future smartphones. Imagine an arcade game that scans your house and builds a game challenge using the objects, walls, and map of your own house. Occipital, the openings in MNC companies behind Structure Sensor (the first mobile depth-sensing technology, has already developed apps that will enable us to scan objects or even entire rooms in 3D. In 2020 there are many smartphones that are expected to be released with good depth-sensing cameras.

Better Batteries

Firstly, there is no secret that smartphone batteries die fast and sometimes at the worst possible moment. Whereas, to resolve the problem researchers have long recognized the problem and have been working hard to give us powerful batteries with more charge cycles and longer-lasting battery life. However, you did spend hundreds if not thousands on those smartphones better power management is always good news to power users. In fact, some of the various ongoing research projects include studies on larger batteries, batteries with Leyden’s electrolyte material, batteries with silicon, batteries with tin, etc. Imagine a future smartphone with A battery that charges in only five minutes but lasts for a full day

Wireless Charging

If not longer-lasting batteries, then we might appreciate easier charging methods. Whereas, why are we still charging smartphones with cables when wireless charging is already available and implemented on phones like Nokia Lumia 920 and LG Nexus 4. Even better, while wireless charging usually makes use of the electromagnetic induction concept, researchers at the University of Washington have found a replacement way of charging: a way called ambient backscatter. Using this system, we will repurpose the wireless signals already present around us as both an influence source and a communication medium.

5G phones

You may still be struggling to urge 4G or LTE speeds in your a part of the planet, but 5G is coming whether you’re ready for it or not. While 5G network infrastructure remains within the very early stages of development. Whereas, phone makers are still going to use it as a selling point for the flagships of 2019. In fact, most of the large names have already confirmed they go to be introducing 5G Latest technology during 2019: the likes of OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, etc. are all on the record as eager to introduce 5G handsets over subsequent 12 months. Apple and Google are remaining tight-lipped but could hop on the bandwagon too.

These are the list of Top 5 Latest Technological Innovations In Smartphones. If you have any queries or any other technological innovations on smartphones that you would like to add up in this list then you can feel free to drop it in the comment section below in this article. Also, bookmark this page for more updates.


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