How The Technology Will Change Our Lifestyle in Future?

This article can give an idea of how technology has changed in many years and how it could change drastically and revolutionize our lives in the next few generations.

Nowadays many people are on their screens for a large part of the day. Whether it’s a smartphone or pc, social media or work, computers and technology have really changed our daily life. In the old days when computers weren’t generally in use. Then, people would do farming, traders, engineers, etc. However, today an average person wakes up to seeing texts and replying to them on their mobile phone. Then, a morning cup of coffee, and then a bit of email-checking for 30 minutes or so. An average working person may spend 4-5 hours in the office on their PC’s screens.  A few generations before, not many people had PCs; talk about PCs, many little businesses didn’t have computers at all. Farmers would work many hours a day on their crops. Also, engineers would draw their blueprints, traders and merchants would wander around the world looking for trade deals. 

How Technology Has Helped us And Made Our Work Much Much Easier?

So as I told you, working, in general, was much harder in those days. Doctors didn’t have machines such as a heartbeat display. Also, the computers for research about medicine and ease of treatment of ill patients. Surgeries and critical operations had a lower chance of succeeding back then. Nowadays there are complex machines and computers to help doctors in doing these things. Engineers would have to draw their building’s blueprints on paper. This was hard and also time-consuming. However, now engineers can make and print blueprints and maps, create 3d models of their constructions, etc. Many jobs became easier due to computers and the changing technology.

 How Changing Technology Has Affected Our Everyday Life?

Well, before, any regular person would wake up, walk in the morning, do their daily tasks, and so on…. But today, a person would mostly look up the new chat and email on their phone, do it during breakfast and right before bedtime too. Also, people do not bother about their surroundings and peep into their mobile as there is something they are missing.

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Here’s a Timeline of How Technology Revolutionized and Changed Throughout The Past Generations-

The history of technology begins before the species exists. Below is the timeline of technology.

1. First Tools (3.3 Million years Ago)

Knives were introduced using sharp stone flakes. Also, unshaped stones are used as hammers and anvils. The ancestors called “Australopithecus” used these tools.first tools

2. Fire (1 Million Years Ago)

The ancestors called Homo sapiens invented the “Fire”. Moreover, the evidence of burnt material can be found in caves used by “Homo erectus” beginning about 1 million or 1.5 million years

3. Neolithic Revolution(20,000 – 50,000 Years Ago)

In this period many technologies arose. The Clay was used for pottery and bricks. Also, Clothing began to be made using woven fabrics. The wheel was also likely invented at this time. Moreover, people became larger groups and started agriculture.revolution

4. Irrigation(6000 BCE)

However, the first irrigation systems were started in the civilizations of the Tigris-Euphrates river valley in Mesopotamia and the Nile River valley in Egypt. As irrigation requires a more amount of work, it shows a high level of social organization.

5. Sailing(4000 BCE)

The first ship was sailed on the Nile River. However, the river has no space for free sailing as the ocean. These ships are also had oars to navigate.

6. Iron(1200 BCE)

The production of iron became widespread as that metal supplanted bronze. Iron was much more available than copper and tin. However, the two metals that make up bronze, and thus put metal tools into more hands than before.iron

7. GunPowder( 850 CE)

The Gun powder was first made in china. At first, it was used to propel rockets attached to arrows. Also, the knowledge of gunpowder spread to Europe in the 13th century.

8. Windmill(950)

After sailing ships for more than 5000 years then they started the use of windmills. It was invented in Persia. There are horizontal and vertical windmills.windmill

9. Compass(1044)

The first magnetic compass dates from a Chinese book finished in 1044. It explains how the soldiers found their way by using a fish-shaped piece of magnetized iron floating in a bowl of water when the sky was too cloudy to see the stars.

10. Mechanical Clock(1250-1300)

The first mechanical clocks began to appear in Europe at the end of the 13th century. They used to mark the services when they held.Technology

11. Printing(1455)

Guten berg used the first movable printer to print the bible. Gutenberg’s printing press led to an information explosion in Europe.

12. Steam Engine(1765)

James Watt added a condenser to the existing Newcomen steam engine. It became one of the most inventions in the industrial revolution.

13. Railways(1804)

Richard Trevithick improves watts steam engine and then made it to the railway. He built the first railway locomotive at an ironworks in Wales.Technology

14. Steam Boat(1807)

Robert Fulton kept the steam engine on water. It took four days to sail and then reached the destination.

15. Photography, Reaper, Telegraph(1826-1844)

In 1826 and 1827 Robert Fulton invented the photograph. He made an eight-hour-long exposure of the courtyard of his house, the first known photograph.

Reaper was invented in 1831. The earliest reaper had some mechanical problems, but later versions spread throughout the world.

The Telegraph is first invented in 1844. Samuel Morse is interested in the possibility of an electric telegraph. He sent the first message over the first long-distance telegraph line, which stretched between Washington, D.C, and Baltimore. The message: “What hath God wrought.”

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16. Telephone, IC engine, Electric Light, Automobile

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone on March 10, 1876. Along with this Internal combustion engine was also introduced in 1876 by Nikolaus Otto.telephone

In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the electric light. It burnt 13 1/2 hours. In 1885 automobile was introduced by Karl Benz. An automobile without his knowledge on a 64-mile trip to see her mother.

17. 1901-1974 Technology

Guglielmo Marconi invented first radio in 1901. He has done experiments since 1894.

December 17 Orville Wright made the first plane to fly in the sky. It flew about 120 feet. Along with his brother, 4 flights were flown the last one flew 852 feet in height.plane

Robert Goddard first invented the rocket. He has an interest in space travel. His rocket flew 12.5 meters (41 feet) in the air.Technology

Utah, Philo T. Farnsworth invented television in 1927. He is a teenager who is 16 years old.Technology

John Atanasoff invented the first computer. In 1939 he and his student Clifford Berry began building the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC).technology

Nuclear power was introduced in 1942 as part of the Manhattan Project to build the first atomic bomb.

In 1947 transistor was introduced. John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley gave the first public demonstration of the transistor from Bell labs.

The Soviet Union surprised the world on October 4, when it launched the first artificial satellite. the space flights were introduced in 1957.

In 1974 personal computers and the internet were introduced. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn produced the TCP/IP. TCP/IP became the basis for how data is transmitted over the Internet.

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18. Crispr(2012)

The American biochemist Jennifer Doudna and French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier developed CRISPR-Cas9. It is a method for editing genes. It makes changes to DNA sequences. Gene editing has the potential to treat many diseases. But also opens up the ethical gray area of creating designer humans.Technology

19. Artificial intelligence(2017)

The team behind the artificial intelligence program announced that it had become the world’s best Go player. Go is a game with very simple rules but so many possible positions. The previous year AlphaGo had defeated the great player Lee Sedol in a match 4–1. AlphaGo then played itself and, through continual improvement, was able to defeat the version that had defeated Lee,100–0. Through machine learning, AlphaGo had become better at the game than any human.Technology

Final Words

Here we have mentioned changes in technology. Also, about the timeline of technology when it is started. Moreover, about the people who lived before and after the technology was introduced. The role of technology in human day-to-day life.

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