How To Tell If Someone Removed You On Snapchat?

If Someone removed You From Snapchat then it doesn’t notify you. Snapchat never sends a notification if anyone blocked or unfollowed. Even if you contact the Snapchat team they know but they will not give you any information about it.

What is a Snapchat App?

The Snapchat application is an American multimedia messaging app. Also, you can use this application on android as well as on iOS mobiles. You can take pictures using filters and can share them with the people whom you follow. You can chat with them. It is the most downloaded application by youngsters. By adding filters they take a lot of pictures.

snapchat app

It was developed by a top company called snap. Snap means taking a picture and chat means as all you know texting to friends. The meaning of the application is in the name itself. Also, you can make short videos using this application. However, most people made it a trend of using this application. The people whom you unfollowed can still be in contact with you. Only if the person blocks then you cannot send any snap or cannot chat with them.

How To Tell If Someone Removed You On Snapchat?

Someone removing means deleting you from Snapchat. You can find the person by whom you got removed. Below are the different methods to find if someone removed or deleted you from Snapchat:

Method 1: Check the List of Followers

This is one of the best methods to check if anyone removed you or not. Go to the follower’s list and then check the names. If any name is missing then it is a clear indication that he removed you. Only the names of people who are following you appear on the list. So if anyone’s name is missing here you can clarity by whom you got deleted.

However, for the easy check, you can search for that person’s name in the search box for followers. Also there you cannot see here you can suspect that he is the person.

Method 2: Snapchat Score

However, by checking the Snapchat score you can find the person by whom you got removed. Snapchat score means the number of snaps sent and received. Snapchat has a great feature where it allows to check all your friends Snapchat score.

If any one of your friend’s scores cannot be seen then, it is a clear indication that he/she removed you. Also by using their privacy settings some of them hide their Snapchat score. So, be careful while checking. If you cannot see the Snapchat score it means that person deleted you from Snapchat.

snapchat score

Method 3: Snap Status

If any individual is following you and you are following back the person. Then you can see their status them. Below your friend’s name, you can find snap status. However, if it shows pending then it means that the person has blocked you. If the arrows next to that particular username appear gray. Then now there is a clear indication that the person has deleted you.

Method 4: Send a Snap

Even by sending a snap, you can find the person who removed you from the app. Tap on your friend’s name and then send a snap to them. However, by sending snap it will not come as sent. If there is a red arrow next to the name. It indicates that they send a snap. Also, if it turns to gray color then it means snap was not sent. Moreover, it means that the person has deleted you from the application.


To know the person who removed you from Snapchat Above methods can be used to find the person. About Snapchat application is also given here. As it is a famous multimedia application downloaded by many people. The person who deleted you also can be found using these methods.

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