How To Fix Your Smartphone Speaker Not Working in 2023 [Latest]


Nowadays, our smartphone is not just another accessory or gadget. It is an extension of our lives and even the lifestyle we choose. A smartphone helps us keep track of everything, making this technological device one of the most important in our lives. Unfortunately, our phone is one of the dirtiest things we own. It is very convenient to carry it everywhere, but it comes with the disadvantage of coming into contact with literally everything – resulting in reduced performance and shorter device life.

So, cleaning your smartphone should be a part of your weekly agenda. While cleaning your smartphone special attention should be given to your smartphone speakers. A quick clean ensures that your smartphone’s speakers don’t get clogged with debris, which ultimately degrades sound quality. Here are some troubleshooting steps and solutions you can try to restore your Android phone speaker if your phone speaker is not working.

1. Clean the Speaker Grills:

Clean the Speaker Grills

If you’re wondering, “Why does my phone muffle?” or “How do I adjust my speaker volume?”, chances are your speakers are full of dust! As mentioned earlier, the speaker vents of your smartphone often accumulate dust over time. This blocks their ability to emit sound. At this point, you should try to clean the grills to remove as much of the blockage as possible. There are many tips and tricks that can help you clean your phone. You can start by blowing air into the speakers using your mouth or a can of compressed air.

Apart from that, you can try using a vacuum cleaner to suck up small pieces and dust particles. It may affect your phone’s internals, but you should be careful if you try this. Another good option is to gently scrub the speaker grills with an old toothbrush or soft-bristled brush to help loosen dirt. If you’re particularly confident and your phone is easy to take apart, you can even try to get inside it and blow the dust-out.

2. Perform a Hard Reset:

Perform a Hard Reset

Testing your phone in safe mode, as mentioned above, rules out the possibility that a third-party app is causing your phone’s sound to stop working. If your phone’s speakers work fine in safe mode, you can try to isolate the problem to a specific app, setting, or device. If this speaker is experiencing the problem only after you’ve made changes to these options, try undoing what you changed.

If that fails, you can go ahead and do a hard reset. You can perform this factory reset even if switching to safe mode has no effect. By doing this, your phone will start fresh and you will eliminate the possibility of any software wreaking havoc on the speakers. You’ll often find the option to reset in Settings > System > Reset options, but if you don’t see it you can use the search bar at the top of the Settings app. Make sure to back up your data completely first.

3. Manually Disable Headphone Output:


Manually Disable Headphone Output

Sometimes, your phone’s speaker might not work, but your headphones do. When you unplug accessories from the audio jack, Android may fail to process this event, causing your phone to get stuck in headphone mode and your phone’s speakers not to work. That means even if you disconnect your earphones, your speaker will be disabled. Although most phones these days don’t have headphone jacks, the ones that do still face this problem. Usually, you can fix this bug with a standard reboot.

But if that doesn’t do the trick, you can try a free app called Disable Headphone. With a flick of the switch, this app lets you manually force your phone out of headphone mode and play sound through its speakers. Also, disable the headphones in the opposite way. If, for whatever reason, your phone is unable to stream audio through a connected accessory, you can manually enable headphone mode using the app.

4. Get Water out of Your Smartphone:

Get Water out of Your Smartphone

If your phone’s speaker is not working and it has recently come in contact with water, then there is a possibility of water damage. One of the most common consequences of water on your phone is a malfunctioning speaker. The liquid quickly reaches the inner part connected to the open grills. So if you have speaker problems after such an accident, let your phone dry off. There are several methods to dry a wet phone. You can blow hot air into it, put it in a bowl of rice, and more. Whatever you do, turn off your phone immediately and let it dry completely before trying to back it up.

Although most phones these days are water-resistant, the IP rating does not make them immune to water damage. If you don’t know what an IP68 rating is or if your phone has one, it’s worth doing some research before trying your hand at underwater photography! Also, you can try downloading apps like Speaker Cleaner. These play a vibrating sound to unlock the speakers and force water out of them. It has a proven track record and includes advertising.

5. Get Professional Help:

Get Professional Help

If none of these steps work for you, you may be experiencing a hardware failure. You should book an appointment with a trusted service center and get it checked by a professional.

Depending on how often your smartphone speakers are used, their quality will eventually wear out. These solutions can help you revive a dead speaker, but they don’t promise longevity. So if your phone’s speakers aren’t working and you have an old phone, you may need a new one.


We hope the above methods definitely helpful to you and that you can find out the right way to fix Smartphone Speaker not working. Above are the best ways to fix Smartphone not working cases. Still if you have any doubts regarding this guide comment in the comment box.

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