How to Fix PS5 Wifi Connection Issues – Here’s The Easy Methods in 2022

PlayStation 5 console users seem to be facing frequent internet connectivity issues these days. There are many reports that users are seeing a lot of ‘Cannot connect to WiFi network’ error messages while using the standard or digital edition of PS5. If you are also facing the problem, you can check how to fix PS5 WiFi not connecting to the internet issue.

PS5 users have encountered many errors and issues since launch, but the inability to connect to WiFi is one of the main and common problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. The problem specifically indicates that there is a problem with your network and not from the PlayStation Network. Well, there are some workarounds available that we have mentioned below to fix it.

5 Methods to Fix PS5 Wifi Connection Issues:

We assume there are some reasons behind such issues that PS5 users should check and try to fix them manually. Problems with your internet connection, problems with your WiFi router/modem, problems with console software/hardware, console not being far enough from the router, etc

. So, let’s follow each step one by one until the problem is solved.

  • Restart Your PS5
  • Power Cycle Your Router
  • Check PSN Server Status
  • Use Google DNS Address
  • Reset Your WiFi Router

1. Restart Your PS5:

Restart Your PS5

This is one of the most common and easiest methods to fix multiple problems with your PS5 console. Although some users may not find this useful enough or are not interested in doing so, we recommend you do this to cross-check the issue. To do that:

  • Click the PS5 controller > From the Control Center menu, scroll down, and locate the Power button on the right.
  • Hover over the power button and select it > Turn off PS5.

2. Power Cycle Your Router:

Power Cycle Your Router

If the above method doesn’t work for you, try power cycling your router properly.

  • Power off your WiFi router > Disconnect the power cable from the router.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds > Reconnect the power cable.
  • Finally, turn on the WiFi router and check for the problem.

3. Check PSN Server Status:

Check PSN Server Status

Even if PlayStation Network (PSN) outages don’t bother you with your console connecting to a WiFi network, it’s recommended to at least officially check the status of the PSN server. Your console may experience many connectivity issues if the servers are down or under scheduled maintenance.

Go to the PSN Service Status page. If all the services are active and running fine, you can follow the next method. Otherwise, be sure to wait a few hours for the services to work again.

4. Use Google DNS Address:

Use Google DNS Address

Whether you’re using a PC or a console, using a Google DNS address on your device can make a huge difference in server connectivity, playing games, or streaming content online. Since your PS5 WiFi is not connected to the internet, you can use this method.

  • Go to PS5 Settings menu > Select Network.
  • Select > Preferred Connection to set up an Internet connection.
  • Select Advanced Settings > Now, change your DNS settings to Manual.
  • Next, try using a Google DNS address by entering as the primary DNS.
  • Then enter as secondary DNS.
  • Once all is done, make sure to save the changes and restart your console to check for the problem.

5. Reset Your WiFi Router:

Reset Your WiFi Router

A hard reset or factory reset of your android device and networking device (router) can also improve performance and connectivity-related issues. This basically restores your WiFi router to default settings so that you can set up the configuration again and start using it. To do this:

  • Make sure your WiFi router is turned on and plugged into a power source.
  • Now, press and hold the reset button on your router for two seconds using a paperclip or pen until you hear a hiccup while the LED indicators blink.
  • Once done, your WiFi router should be restored to its factory default mode.
  • Again make sure to manually set up the network configuration on your router.
  • Finally, check for PS5 not connecting to the WiFi internet problem is fixed or not.

6. Perform Factory Reset to PS5:

Perform Factory Reset to PS5

As with other gaming devices, a standard hard reset (factory reset) can also fix problems with your PS5’s network connectivity. Even if your PS5 console has problems with the download queue or downloads stopped error, a full factory reset can easily do the job.

  • Go to the Settings menu from your PS5 home page.
  • Go to Select System > System Software.
  • Select Reset Options > Reset your console.
  • Now, make sure to select the Reset button.
  • This process may take some time to complete.
  • After finishing, if your PS5 turns on and does not enter the main menu, you should reset your PS5 in safe mode. To do so:
  • Power off your PS5 console > Press and hold the Power button until you hear a second beep.
  • Now, make sure to press the PS button on the PS5 controller.
  • Select the Reset PS5 from the Safe Mode option.


So we hope the above methods are definitely used to fix the PS5 wifi connection issues. After using the above solutions still, the problem will continue, then you can contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get more help with your network connectivity or stability.

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