Java is an Ideal Programming language for Android App Developers

Table of Content:

  1. Overview
  2. What is Java?
  • Benefits of Java  
  • Drawbacks of Java 
  1. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Mobile tech has captivated the digital era. Millions of people depend on their mobile devices to explore the Internet, unite with family and friends, make financial transactions, and so on. 

People squander a great amount of their time socializing with apps henceforth the escalated need for mobile app development and the constant requirement for a programming language. 

Many software development companies such as Tatvasoft, ScnSoft are advancing their business to the mobile world, so the introduction of mobile technology will still increase in the market. 

If you are mapping to create your Android app to receive the user’s consideration – then your developers need to concentrate on determining the latest technological innovation and the top programming language to build a robust, innovative, and user-friendly android app.

As we all know that there are several programming languages on the market to count for your app development plans. However, one of the most successful programming languages you can effortlessly adopt is JavaScript

Java is a high-level, defined programming language that can assist object-oriented and practical programming. It is a standard language controlled by a browser and is also utilized to produce web pages. 

Java development frameworks are perfect for mobile app development that can be practiced in any Android, iOS, and Windows program. 

Numerous developers prefer Java as it is candid to work with and can be managed with efficiency. You also get lots of scope for modifications with this programming language. 

2. What is Java?

Java is most suitable for cross-platform application development, android apps utilized for various platforms, and web browsing. 

Android was formally introduced in 2008, after that Java is the default development language to inscribe Android apps. This object-oriented language was originally devised back in 1995.

It easily works in other circumstances, external or browsers, and can be assembled from a broad collection of programming languages. 

Despite Java having its portion of blunders, it’s still one the most well-liked language for Android development.

As other Android languages are regarded as a version of Java or a zest of Java. Therefore, most developers choose Java as the best programming language.

Benefits of Java: 

  • It is a Versatile and Flexible language that can be used in various ways through Node.js
  • Java is more agile on the client-side browsing and works without compilation
  • It is straightforward to operate and simple to manage
  • it doesn’t have a set standard but you can find a plethora of opportunities for changes

Drawbacks of Java:

  • It is unprotected and can use for the ill-disposed idea in some circumstances
  • There are chances to encounter some browser maintenance issues in some situations
  • Server-side scripts always give the likewise output, and the client-side is a bit inconstant


There is no certain solution to what programming language you need to learn or which framework will be best for you to invest in. All of them have their fair share of pros and cons. 

The point is you just need to determine which one will be best for your app development, however, for time being, you can rely on Java until you explore other programming languages and choose the best among them for your application.

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