About Lua Programming for Game Development in Roblox studio and earning Robux

Hi, This is Rithvik Reddy, Before we continue with the main purpose of this article, I’m going to show you how I got to know about the Lua programming language and how I learned a little bit I know about it 🙂

[Before you read this article, please be aware that the article is written by a 10-year-old kid]

About Roblox:

You probably know about the MMO game ‘Roblox’, an online game that is mostly directed towards kids. And this, while being fun for kids, isn’t any less of a great experience for adults. People of all ages can enjoy this game. This game is based on user-generated content, so any Roblox user can create their own minigames and upload them to the main platform, and other users can join the ‘Experience’, or the game.

My Story – How I got into Lua Programming and Roblox

Hello guys, This is my first blog.

So I found this game called Roblox randomly. I don’t really remember how I got to know about this game but it had been with me for a long time… and I played this game ALOT.

Getting to develop my own game:

Once randomly scrolling through the app I found a link or something… I don’t really remember. but then I got redirected. I knew it was about Developing my own games on the platform. but I could not find it so I initially gave up and went back to just playing Android games on the website.

A year or so later I got to know about Roblox studio. Now I could finally start developing my own games. I downloaded it but the first time it didn’t work out, my account didn’t work for some reason. My new and current Roblox account-BooYAHDude1234 allowed it and I made a little parkour game of my own(these parkour games are called ‘Obby’ in Roblox). So I saw various developing tutorials and made a little parkour or ‘Obby’ game on the platform. You can visit the game, its name is Greatland Wonder Obby. And shortly after I started scripting a bit. I’m still a big bold NOOB in the field of Roblox games development. I’m still learning, so don’t know a lot about this.

About Roblox Studio and Lua programming language.

image source: Learn Roblox

There is an application made by the developers of Roblox through which any user can create their own minigames and upload them to the engine. This is ‘Roblox studio’. Here’s the link for Roblox studio-roblox.com/create. If you don’t have a Roblox account already, you can download and signup or go to roblox.com and sign up there.

image source: Download Roblox Studio for Windows – Filehippo.com

Roblox Studio allows any Roblox user to log in and start creating their own games with the provided tools. Extra plugins are available for more advanced editing and modeling. Each object or model is called a ‘Part’, it can be renamed. You can insert a script to any of the ‘Parts’ in the Workspace.

This script allows you to program any object and add a code to the ‘Part’. Then this Part runs the following code. Many various parts with various lines of code can make up a very good game. You can later upload save and upload this to Roblox and allow the whole userbase to play, test, and comment on your created game.

About Lua and Developer resources

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Lua is a secondary programming language embedded in main languages such as Python C, C++, etc. Roblox uses C++ for the main userbase and Lua for the various user-generated latest games. There are extra developer resources that can be bought with Roblox’s own in-game currency which is ‘Robux’.This currency can be bought with actual money. there are Dev-resources such as Roblox Premium, which is a directly paid subscription that gives you free Robux and access to many premium features.

About Robux

Robux can be bought from the Roblox website as well with money. Builder’s club is another resource that has many extra features which I cannot tell you know. money can be earned from creating games and designing costumes. Oh, and by the way, I did not tell you about clothing on Roblox. Avatar accessories can be bought with Robux or derived for free with Promo codes. And back to the main thing. You need a Builder’s club subscription to make accessories for the in-game characters. When other people buy these accessories, you get the Robux for how much you sold it for.

The Robux earned is in a pending status for a week before it is given to your Roblox account. Also, you can earn Robux by microtransactions done in your Roblox game. When the player buys any in-game perk then the Robux they give for buying that perk is sent to your Roblox account. Then Developers can use the DevEx program to convert the earned Robux into actual money. Robux bought separately cannot be converted. You need to have at least 100,000 Robux to convert into money. Youtube tutorials and DevForum posts can help you learn how to use the Lua programming language. For developing Roblox games or anywhere else.

So..you could make a whole business out of Roblox developing and accessories marketing on the website.

[Once again, the initial article is written by a 10-year-old kid]

Hope this article helped you and gave you information about Roblox studio and earning money through


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