How to Tix Firestick Keeps Restarting Problem – 7 Easy ways

How to Tix Firestick Keeps Restarting Problem: It’s frustrating and annoying when you are watching your favored TV show or film, and unexpectedly your Firestick streaming device Restarting by itself. This is a usual happening with Firestick devices, which is mainly caused by little technical problems. Amazon Firestick is created with high intellect to ensure they supply the best online streaming experience. Amazon has made a home entertainment system presenting premier TV shows, kid’s entertainment, music, films, documentaries, and more. We’re speaking about FireStick gadgets that keep restarting for no clear reason.

If this is occurring to you, then this is the guide for you. To begin, keep in mind that if your FireStick has newly started the restarting problem out of nowhere then there’s likely something bad with the HDMI cable or the USB cable that is connected to your FireStick device. In this article, you will discover more about rare effective methods to fix the issue with Firestick that keeps restarting.

1. Always Use Official FireStick Accessories

If you recall when you initially purchased your Fire TV Stick you realize that it accompanied a USB cable and an HDMI expansion. These are the expansions that you ought to utilize on the off chance that you don’t need streaming difficulty.

Always Use Official FireStick Accessories

Tragically, your Fire TV Stick is probably going to give you restart issues assuming you in all actuality do go that course. Utilizing an irregular USB connector with your Fire TV Stick gadget is likewise a formula for the inconvenience. Outsider modest miniature USB cables don’t have the expected quality to adequately drive a Fire TV Stick. In the event that your Fire TV Stick isn’t getting the power it necessities to stream a 4K substance, it will restart arbitrarily. Accordingly, you need to avoid outsider adornments and continue to utilize the embellishments that accompanied your Fire TV Stick.

2. Replacing USB Cable

You can get the “FireStick continues to restart” issue regardless of whether you have the authority adornments associated with your Fire TV Stick. This could be the situation assuming that your Fire TV Stick is old. Or on the other hand, perhaps you utilized it a lot without giving it the consideration it needs.

Replacing USB Cable

Needless to say, if you find that your micro USB cable doesn’t work with other devices either then it’s time to replace it. Go on Amazon to order a replacement and it won’t be long before you’re able to stream content from your Fire TV Stick just like before.

So while you hang tight for your new miniature USB cable, you can attempt to utilize any extra cable with your FireStick and check whether it’s ready to control your FireStick adequately. On the off chance that your Fire TV Stick continues to restart, the issue wasn’t the cable.

3. Changing Power Adapter

We don’t suggest you go to this course except if you totally need to. In any case, now and then, on the off chance that you utilize a powerful USB connector, that can fix the “Fire Stick continues to restart” issue. You may definitely realize that the power connector that accompanies your FireStick is checked 1 Amp.

Changing Power Adapter

On the off chance that fueling your FireStick gadget with that power connector is gives you the restart issue then you can take a stab at utilizing a 2 Amp power connector with your FireStick.

4. Try To Power Your FireStick From a Power Outlet

You don’t have to drive it directly from a divider attachment. Regardless of whether it’s a power augmentation, it can work with your Fire TV Stick. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a streaming gadget that can play a 4K substance. That implies it requires a respectable measure of ability to work appropriately. Associating it to a USB port on your PC will presumably bring about streaming issues.

Try To Power Your FireStick From a Power Outlet

All things considered, take the power block that accompanied your Fire TV Stick gadget and afterward plug it into a power attachment. The attachment can be on a divider or on your power augmentation and afterward utilize the miniature USB cable to drive your FireStick from the power block.

5. Turn off the HDMI CEC Device Control Option

What is the HDMI CEC gadget control highlight? To put it plainly, this Amazon Fire Stick include is liable for ensuring that FireStick clients can handle their smart TV set with only their FireStick remote. There’s little uncertainty that this can be a valuable component. In any case, the possibilities that you would utilize your FireStick remote with your shrewd TV are low, truly intending that it’s an exercise in futility to keep this component turned on as it can cause the “Fire Stick continues to restart” issue.

Turn off the HDMI CEC Device Control Option

  • Go to your FireStick home screen and snap-on Settings.
  • Then, at that point, click on Display and Sound.
  • Hit HDMI CEC Device Control.

6. Disconnect HDMI Devices

This arrangement is more applicable to FireStick clients who’ve associated their FireStick with their savvy TV. All things considered, shrewd TVs have more than one HDMI port. Assuming you’ve associated various gadgets to your brilliant TV by means of the HDMI ports, that can impede the appropriate working of your FireStick.

Disconnect HDMI Devices

Eliminate them all and verify whether your “FireStick continues to restart” issue has disappeared. You’re allowed to associate your different gadgets to other HDMI ports individually with your FireStick previously associated with your TV to check whether the issue is brought about by different gadgets or your FireStick.

7. Factory Reset Your FireStick

Now and then, it’s simply time to reset your FireStick to dispose of the “Fire Stick continues to reboot” blunder. This is the manner by which you get it done

Factory Reset Your FireStick

  • From your FireStick home screen, click Settings.
  • Click My Fire TV.
  • tap Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Click OK.
  • Your FireStick ought to reset itself in two or three minutes.


Getting rid of the “FireStick keeps restarting” problem isn’t tough provided you go around it in a methodical way. Separated from that, if your FireStick keeps restarting you can constantly review. If it’s still in warranty and maybe you can get your Fire TV gadget returned or exchanged with another one.

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