How to Make Your Headphones Louder – Here’s the 6 Effective Ways in 2022

In the age of technology, it is easy to spend tons of time using headphones. While most people choose them based on their musical preferences, some try to match them with their clothing and lifestyle. Just for fashion or for some real music, headphones play a vital role in our lives. Music, podcasts, and other types of talk shows have tons of audio content in the world right now. Using our phones, computers, and other devices, we can easily plug in our headphones to listen to what we choose. Listeners who have line headphones are also looking for ways to make their devices louder.

Many people think that the device to which the headphones are connected will not be loud once at maximum volume. Whether you use a computer or phone, you want the audio quality to be excellent. When you try to listen to music, videos, or podcasts when the audio is low, it’s easy to miss anything. Additionally, if you need audio for your work, whether you are a transcriptionist or a composer, you should listen to all the details related to your work. You want to make them loud but do not know-how. Read on to learn how to make headphones louder. We have tried all the solutions available on the internet to increase the audio output of headphones. Finally, we have listed all the tips that will help you make your headphones sound louder.

Ways To Make Your Headphones Louder:

  1. Clean the Headphones
  2. Remove the Volume Limit
  3. Use a Volume Boost App
  4. Use an Amp or a Mix-Amp
  5. Get New Headphones

1. Clean the Headphones:

Clean the Headphones

Sometimes, cleaning your headphones is enough to restore volume and sound quality. The process of cleaning headphones is very simple and should be done regularly. Before you start cleaning them, you should read the manual and check if the manufacturer has given some advice. In most cases, you will need nothing more than cloth, paper towels, Q-tips, a toothbrush, water, and hydrogen peroxide. Soak the tips in water with some detergent in a ratio of 100: 1.

Clean them with Q-tips or paper towels and be sure to remove all ear wax. After cleaning, wipe them with a cloth and hydrogen peroxide and leave them to dry. Clean the screen mesh on your earbuds with a dry toothbrush. Slowly and patiently brush the earbud with a toothbrush until you have removed all the wax from it, then use a cloth containing hydrogen peroxide to wipe the mesh. Make sure the cloth is moist and not wet. Next, dry the earbuds with a paper towel. After everything is clean and dry, reassemble the earbuds and give them a try.

2. Remove the Volume Limit:

Remove the Volume Limit

You may have noticed that an alarm pops up on your device when you increase the volume to the maximum value. That warning says that loud noises can damage your hearing. Under US law, some headphones limit their volume to 120 dB, while European laws limit the volume to 85 dB.  If you can increase the volume beyond the limit, keep in mind that it is already disabled.

3. Use a Volume Boost App:

Use a Volume Boost App

If nothing else works, you can try the volume-boosting app. There are various apps that cover a whole range of devices for different operating systems. If you are using an Android device, try these apps: Volume Booster Pro, Volume Booster Sound Equalizer, and Dub Music Player by MixlT Studio. iPhone users should try the Equalizer Pro Volume Booster or the Sonicmax Pro Music Volume Booster. On Windows desktop computers, try Equalizer Pro, DFX Sound Enhancer, or Breakdown Audio Enhancer.

4. Use an Amp or a Mix-Amp:

Use an Amp or a Mix-Amp

The amplifier can really boost your headphones with extra power. This is especially true if you are using good-quality headphones with a low-quality playback device. External headphone amplifiers not only increase the volume but also enhance the sound quality and depth. They usually cost less than $ 100, which makes them an affordable and practical investment if you really value high-quality sound.

However, you should check your headphones first to determine if the amplifier is worth it. If you are using large and powerful headphones and your playback device is interrupting you, you can take advantage of the amplifier. If you are using less powerful headphones or earbuds, you probably will not get a good result from the amp.

5. Get New Headphones:

Get New Headphones

If all of the above techniques fail, you’ll get new headphones, especially if you are an audiophile or musician with only one option left. This is the last resort, and for most headphone owners, it’s reasonable that you buy new, more sophisticated headphones. You might consider getting some reviews from friends who have loud headphones that work for them. Different headphones are adjusted to perform different tasks, so it is recommended to choose the headphones based on your needs.


We hope one of these methods works for you and now you can enjoy great sound again. If none of them work, it may be time to retire the old headphones and use the new ones. We recommend getting the best 7.1 gaming headset for the ultimate sound experience. There are many types and models of headphones with additional features such as Bluetooth connection, noise-canceling, bass sound, and more.

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