How to Fix Windows 10 Random Restart Issue

How to Fix Windows 10 Random Restart Issue: Windows is still one of the best operating systems on the Internet, but we might experience one of the multiple main problems which is the system will restart automatically or randomly with no sign or error message. Occasionally, it might reboot your laptop automatically while you are doing any important work or assignments. This can be very irritating for the user because it can cause you to lose your data with no backup or file saving. Again, some users complained that laptop will restart randomly and erase all the data after the restart.

The good news is that there are some techniques that can help fix the Windows 10 system upgrade keeps restarting problem. Below this article keeps reading to get the solution.

1. Check Computer Status

Check Computer Status

As a matter of first importance, it is best for you to check your PC condition and ensure it isn’t at a high temperature since it can make your laptop overheat. It can harm your interior hard drive and influence the Windows to restart haphazardly with no advance notice or blunder message.

Subsequently, in the event that your PC is overheated constantly, it is best for you to send your PC to the closest fix community for a framework check to forestall any further harm to your PC.

2. Change Power Options Settings

Change Power Options Settings

This is one more strategy to prevent the Windows 10 Anniversary from restarting out of nowhere. Follow the means to change the settings in Power Options.

  • Right-click on the Start menu and select Power Options. You can likewise get to this by right snapping on the battery symbol in the taskbar assuming you are utilizing a PC.
  • Click on the Change plan settings close to the ongoing arrangement the PC is utilizing.
    change-plan-settings-to-fix-arbitrary restart-on-windows-10.png
  • Click on the Change progressed power settings.
  • Explore and extend the Processor power on the board.
  • Extend the Minimum processor state and set the qualities lower than 100 percent. And afterward, click OK
  • Adjust the Put the PC to rest setting while utilizing power or battery. Put down the point in time esteem between 1 moment and 5 hours
  • Save the progressions and reboot.

3. Disable Automatic Restart on Windows System

Disable Automatic Restart on Windows System

  • In some cases, your PC will restart consequently in light of the Windows settings.
  • Right-click on This PC and pick Properties.
  • Pick the Advanced System Settings and snap Settings under the Startup and Recovery from the Advanced tab.
  • Un-tick Automatically Restart from the framework disappointment and hit on OK

4. Disable Automatic Driver Updates

Disable Automatic Driver Updates

Suppose that there’s a programmed driver update running on your PC, it will require you to restart the PC each time for each update. Along these lines, the elective way is to impair the programmed driver update settings on Windows 10.

  • Go to the Windows Search menu and type Advanced Settings.
  • Pick View Advanced Settings.
  • Go to Hardware and click Device Installation Settings.
  • Tick the No (your gadget probably won’t fill in true to form) choice and snap save changes to finish the setting.

5. Reinstall Graphics Driver

Reinstall Graphics Driver

A few graphics drivers may not be viable with the Windows 10 Anniversary and result in certain struggles and arbitrary restarts. Reinstalling the design drivers can deliver the aggravation.

  • Right-click on the Start menu and snap Device Manager.
  • Go to Display adapters and right-click on the gadget and pick Uninstall gadget.
  • After the activity is finished, restart your PC and check if the issue has been tackled

6. Refresh Windows 10

Refresh Windows 10

In the event that all the above techniques can’t assist you with fixing the Windows 10 update continues to restart the issue. Then, at that point, you can attempt to refresh or reinstall our PC.

  • Switch off your PC and afterward turn it on. Press and hold the Power button when you see the pivoting stacking circle. Rehash this cycle a couple of times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair screen.
    In the wake of Diagnosing your PC interface, you will see the Automatic Repair screen. Pick Advanced choices to proceed.
  • Pick Troubleshoot and afterward decide to Refresh your PC or Reset your PC.
  • Refresh your PC will keep the information, yet it will eliminate the introduced applications. Resetting your PC will delete your records as a whole. Kindly recollect reinforcing your PC ahead of time: How to Backup
  • Windows 10 for Fresh Install.


Above the all methods are how to fix Windows 10 Random Restart Issue. Trust one of the techniques that can assist you with escaping the problem. Incidentally, to prevent this issue or relative issues like Windows 10 updates continue restarting reoccurring, you can plan a programmed automatic backup in Windows 10.

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