How to Fix When Your Roku Won’t Connect To Wifi

How to Fix When Your Roku Won’t Connect To Wifi: Smart TVs have now become a part of our everyday life. We use smart TVs to watch our favorite programs either through cable via the different streaming services available. And to access all of it, you must be connected to the internet, either wired or wireless

Internet is the most required thing that helps you to access apps and media content on your Roku device. If you don’t have a steady wifi connection, you can’t do anything on your gadget. If your Roku tv displays any mistake or blocks you from connecting to the internet or local network? Then you are at some serious risk. But no worries, we have some instant solution to fix the Roku that won’t connect to the internet and overcome the error in no time.

If the Roku device displays any connectivity error and does not connect to any of the available networks, then make sure to do the next solutions to get back the internet on your Roku.

1. Check for Internet on Roku

Check for Internet on Roku

  • Press the home button on your Roku gadget.
  • Explore Settings from the menu.
  • Pick Check Connection to run a network test.
  • It will check regardless of whether your gadget is associated with the web.
  • In the event that there is a web availability issue, you will be shown the accompanying spring-up.

2. Change the Router DNS

Change the Router DNS

  • From your program, sign in to the switch by entering the IP address straightforwardly in the pursuit bar (you can
  • track down it on the posterior of the switch).
  • Open the DNS settings of your switch.
  • Supplant the inside DNS address of DNS1 to and DNS2 to
  • Save the progressions and actually take a look at the association of Roku.

3. Restart your Roku

Restart your Roku

On the off chance that your Roku neglects to distinguish a network subsequent to checking the connection, you presumably need to restart your gadget.

  • On the home screen, pick Settings.
  • In the settings menu, pick System.
  • Click on System Restart to continue to restart your gadget.

4. Connect via Ethernet Cable

Connect via Ethernet Cable

Rather than associating through WiFi, attempt an ethernet link to interface with a web organization. It assists you with recovering web access on your Roku gadget. This strategy doesn’t matter to all Roku gadgets.

5. Reset Roku to Default Factory Settings

Reset Roku to Default Factory Settings

  • Folks You Can Reset Your Roku gadget Using two Methods –
  • Use Roku Console Settings Or Use Reset Key On Your Roku Streaming Device to Reset the Roku.
    We should Try With Roku Console First –
  • Interface Your Roku to Your Tv
  • Go to Roku Home Page Using Home Key From Your Roku Remote
  • Drag it Down Go to Settings And Press OK On Your Remote Then Go To System And Press OK Again.
  • In The Latest Roku Version, You Need To Go to Advanced System Settings.
  • Roku Advanced System settings
  • Presently You May See Factory Settings Please Select It And Press Ok.
  • Presently It Will Show You a Code Along With a Box Like Keypad Please Use Your Up And Down Arrow Keys On
  • Roku Remote to Select Numbers And Press OK.
  • Select the 4 Digit Code In The Keypad Which is Given On The Same Screen And Press Ok.
  • Your Roku Will Start Getting Reset And You Just Need Wait 1 Min While Your Roku is Being Reset
  • Restart Your Roku And TV (If Possible Restart Your Router Also)
  • In any case, in the event that Your Roku isn’t Connecting to Wireless Network Or If You Still Face Trouble Resetting Your Roku Try Doing Hard Reset.


Following this large number of steps should assist with fixing your Roku TV to associate with your WiFi organization. If still, you can’t interface with the WiFi organization, it very well may be ideal to ring in client service or most likely send in your TV for a substitution assuming it is inside the guaranteed time frame. It is ideal to not endeavor to strongly open up the TV without anyone else, as it could either get harmed and the client care could decline to fix your TV.

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