How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working: Being not able to control and work your Samsung Smart TV on the grounds that the remote isn’t working can be very baffling. However, it is an issue you can troubleshoot and fix yourself. There are a few motivations behind why your Samsung smart TV remote might quit working. However, you need to figure out what precisely is off-base before you can fix the issue. A portion of the reasons that could influence the usefulness of your TV remote control incorporates soil and frail/awful batteries. Issues with the infrared sensors on either the remote and TV.

How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

There are a couple of justifications for why your Samsung remote might seem not to work. You can fix a large number of these by troubleshooting. Your remote might quit working on the off chance that the batteries in the remote are depleted. Fix the issue by placing another arrangement of batteries in the remote.

The Samsung TV remote may likewise quit working because of an electronic error in the remote. This can be fixed by eliminating the batteries. Squeezing a button on the remote to deplete any leftover power, and afterward supplanting the batteries. Your remote ought to now work accurately. Another normal thing that can make your remote quit working is an inability to connect with the IR sensor on your Samsung TV. Ensure no items deter the lower part of the TV and afterward attempt to change the channel with the remote.

Factory Reset for Samsung Remotes

Factory Reset for Samsung Remotes

Samsung’s smart TVs accompany smart remotes that occasionally require a production line reset. The reset is typically essential assuming your remote quits working and supplanting the batteries doesn’t resolve the issue. Play out an industrial facility reset for your Samsung TV remote by holding down the “B” and “C” keys on the remote until you see the remote light blaze two times. Type in the code “981” to finish the reset. The TV remote can now reconstruct for your TV.

Replace the Samsung TV Remote’s Battery

Replace the Samsung TV Remote’s Battery

The first troubleshooting step that any Samsung Smart TV client ought to attempt assuming they’re encountering association issues with their Samsung TV remote is to actually take a look at the battery. The Smart TV remote has controlled by AAA batteries embedded into the rear of your remote control. While the TV remote has a seriously lengthy battery duration. AAA batteries truly do lose charge over the long haul and should supplant each several months.

Assuming you’ve never supplanted your remote’s batteries and your remote quits working, odds are the batteries need supplanting. To eliminate the battery cover on your Samsung TV remote, you’ll have to surrender your remote to see the back and observe the battery cover dimple used to hold the cover. You ought to have the option to observe a descending confronting bolt imprinted on the rear of the remote.

Discharge your Remote

On the off chance that this doesn’t work, the issue might brought about by an error in the TV remote. To get misfires in the electronic circuits free from the Samsung TV remote, you can attempt to reset your remote control.

Initially, you’ll have to eliminate the battery cover and eliminate the two batteries. Then, you’ll have to turn the remote over and press any button and hold it down for 20 seconds. This will release the remote totally. Then, re-embed the two batteries into the remote. This will clear any product or equipment misfire that might have erose during the utilization of your TV remote.

Check if the TV’s Infrared Sensor is obstructed

In the event that your remote control isn’t working, it is possible that your TV’s infrared sensor is deterred. TV Remotes work by transmitting a little light emission light to your TV which is identified by a sensor. On Samsung Smart TVs, this sensor is arranged on the lower part of the TV. As far as some might concerned, it will in the middle right underneath the Samsung logo. While for other Samsung Smart TVs, this sensor is put on the base right of the TV. This ought not to be canvassed or deterred in any capacity or the TV can never again distinguish your remote. While utilizing your remote, ensure you’re pointing it towards this sensor. Assuming you have an end table before the TV, ensure it doesn’t hinder the view between the remote and the TV.

Why is the Red Light on my Samsung TV Remote Blinking?

Why is the Red Light on my Samsung TV Remote Blinking

On the Samsung Smart TV Universal Remote, a LED marker is arranged at the highest point of the remote. Assuming this pointer is blazing red, this implies something is off about the batteries on the remote, or the TV remote has been separated from your TV. Guaranteeing your TV is turned on through the mains, and that you’ve tried or supplanted your AAA batteries, we can attempt to reset the remote to compel it to match with the TV once more.

Initially, you’ll have to turn the Smart TV on. Presently, on the off chance that your TV remote isn’t working, you might be considering the way in which you can do this. Move toward your TV and track down the remote collector module at the lower part of the TV. This is the place where the TV typically illuminates red at whatever point you press a key on the remote. Tap under this button to turn it on.


When your Samsung TV remote is not working, you can troubleshoot or fix the issue in many ways. Start by replacing the batteries, cleaning the upper edges of the remote, and checking the terminals.

Alternatively, think about matching the remote once more on the off chance that you experience issues with the red light glimmering. Likewise, you can fix a touchpad that isn’t working by adjusting the gadget every once in a while.

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