How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Failed – Here is the Best Solutions in 2022

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7, you may experience an error message saying “Warning: Camera failed” while using your phone. This is what people experienced on their Galaxy S7 and still enjoy. Well, every time it happens some users think it’s a bug or a technical glitch. In practice, this is not a bug but maybe a technical error. This error can occur at any time, sometimes failing after the Galaxy S7 camera update.

It will come and go again and again. But the good thing is, that you can sort out this error by following some simple troubleshooting procedures step by step. To fix this error, you need to follow some simple steps that we provide here. Before that, however, you should not specify what are the reasons behind this error and what signals you might encounter if you have this error on your phone. So first let’s look at its causes below.

Main Causes of Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Failed:

Based on user experience, we have suggested some of the main reasons for this error –

  1. Camera glitch or app problem
  2. Liquid and Physical Damages In-Camera Sensor
  3. Other apps that use the camera affect the camera app
  4. The camera sensor takes a long time to start and focus.
  5. The camera cache and data are corrupted, they need to be fixed.
  6. The firmware problem affected the normal performance of the camera

Step1: Restart Camera App:

Restart Camera App

Sometimes the camera app force shuts down and closes along with the error message so you need to do this unnecessarily. Hopefully, you will never see the error message when you pull it up again, but this method is unfortunately only a temporary solution sometimes.

Step2: Turn Your Camera App and Check For Damage:

Turn Your Camera App and Check For Damage

In this, it is very easy to rotate your phone and see where your whole lens is. All you have to do is press on all sides while tapping the camera and give it a few taps around it too, because if you drop your phone you may have deleted something here. These phones are where we did this and rebooted the phone. And do so so that the camera is backed up and running. Then go ahead from here, reboot the phone, open the camera app and see if it works if it does not work, you can try it again, try to push it around the sides, and then restart it.

Step3: Take Photos in Safe Mode:

Take Photos in Safe Mode

You can also remove any apps that are causing problems that you are not really using. If you are not sure which app is causing your problems then try testing it with Safe Mode. Safe Mode boots your phone into the default state so that you can compare the behavior of the apps that come with your phone with all the third-party apps that your phone displays. If your phone does not have this problem in Safe Mode, your problem is that it is a third-party app.

On the S8 you can enter Safe Mode by turning off your device first. Long press the power button and you will first see the model name appear, but hold on until you see the Samsung logo. After you release the power key, immediately turn down the volume until the phone reboots. On other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can press and hold the power button until you see the option to reboot into Safe Mode.

Step4:Uninstall Third-Party Apps:

Uninstall Third-Party Apps

If you find the app is your problem, get rid of it. Go to Settings and then Application Manager and then select All and select the app. Select Uninstall. Or, hold down the app for longer and drag it to the uninstall option. The main suspect is an alternative camera app you have downloaded. Unfortunately, the process is very laborious and time-consuming, but you can enlist the help of apps that can do batch uninstallation.

Step5: Clear Data of Camera APP:

Clear Data of Camera APP

  • First, if you want to click on your settings, go to your settings.
  • From here you want to scroll down and you want to go into Applications‌
  • And then you just press on Application Manager‌
  • Now what you want to do under all the applications, is just want to scroll down and look for the camera, everything here is in alphabetical order, look for the camera, and make sure the camera icon is clicked on it.
  • And you click on Stop -> Clear Data and then on Clear‌.
  • Now proceed with what you want to do from here and reboot your phone.
  • After you have backed up your phone click on the camera app and make sure your camera is working

Step6: Master Reset:

Master Reset

If all else fails, a master reset is the last option you can practice to fix this camera app error, but before doing so make sure you have stored all the data to avoid losing data. In addition, remove and disable your Google Account to ensure that the FRP or anti-theft feature is not tripped.

Now follow these steps –

  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.
  • Hold down the Home and Volume Up keys and hold down the Power key.
  • Release the key, but continue to hold the Home and Volume Up keys when the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge appears on the screen.
  • When the Android logo appears you can release both keys and leave the phone for about 50 seconds.
  • Navigate through the options and highlight “Erase Data / Factory Reset” using the Volume Down key.
  • After highlighting, you can press the power key and select it.
  • Highlight the “Yes – Delete all user data” option by using the volume down key and pressing the power button to select it
  • Wait for your phone master reset to complete, then highlight the “Reboot system now” key and press the power key
  • The phone will now reboot longer than usual
  • We hope your problem is resolved now but if it still is not, we recommend that you visit the Quick Service Provider‌.


    Let me tell you that the “Warning: Camera Failed” error on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is not an unusual error. Many consumers face this problem every day. All you have to do is follow the solutions and steps mentioned above very carefully and fix your camera error yourself. So we hope the information provided above is definitely helpful and useful to you.

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