How To Fix Netflix Error Code: m7361-1253

How To Fix Netflix Error Code: m7361-1253: Experiencing the latest films is a superb method for consuming your time. Unfortunately, streaming can become impossible when the Netflix m7361 1253 error on your screen resumes to bother you. We wish to make your me-time seamless with the sorcery of films. With our troubleshooting guide for the Netflix error code m7361 1253, you can maintain watching movies quickly.

At the moment when you participate in the Netflix error code m7361 1253 on your system, It really tells that there is trouble with the web connectivity. The fact of the Netflix error m7361 1253 can end your device from streaming movies and TV shows on this Netflix app.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code: m7361-1253

The user usually faces error code: m7361-1253 on Netflix when there are some problems with the network connectivity. The error can slow the system from streaming films and other shows on the world’s best streaming app. As all different errors occur in the system due to some causes, Netflix error code m7361-1253 also occurs due to some parts that trigger the error issue. In order to learn about them, the user requires to move to the next section. You can smoothly start the process of updating the browser with these top 7 steps and resolve error code: m7361-1253 in no time. So, begin the process by observing these stages that contain.

  • Update the Browser
  • Disable and Enable Hardware Acceleration
  • Restart the Computer
  • Change the browser
  • Modify Audio Sample Rate
  • Disable Antivirus Software
  • Try to delete Browser cookies

1. Update the Browser 

Update the Browser 

  • Attempt to open Google Chrome.
  • Switch the menu icon occurring like three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Following, wipe on help.
  • Now, the user needs to choose About Google Chrome.
  • This choice enables you to visit the current version of the browser.
  • The known updates resolve automatically to be downloaded for the browser.
  • Onetime done with the method, tap on relaunch.
  • In the ending, the user must launch Netflix.

2. Disable and Enable Hardware Acceleration

2. Disable and Enable Hardware Acceleration


  • Double-click on Google Chrome.
  • Switch the settings and move to advanced settings. Chrome Advanced Settings
  • Tap on the system and Select Use hardware acceleration when known.
  • Currently, the user requires to first undermine and then allow hardware acceleration.
  • Attempt to restart the browser.
  • Earlier done with restarting Chrome, try to join the Netflix VPN and play any film to review the error problem.

3. Restart the Computer

3. Restart the Computer

  • press the start button.
  • switch shut down in windows 7.
  • If you are a user of Windows 8.1, then move the mouse to the left junction.
  • Execute a right-click on the start.
  • You can also tap the Windows switched and X switched.
  • Tap on shut down or sign out.
  • Windows 10 users can click on start.
  • Select power and hit shutdown.
  • Attempt to restart the system for some time.
  • Complete the procedure by unlocking Netflix and reviewing if Netflix error code m7361-1253 survives or not.

4. Change the browser

Change the browser

Switching the browser can provide better help to enhance the Netflix error code: m7361-1253. Its choice enhances the streaming. If you utilize a browser that is supporting of HTML5. You require to confirm that the browser includes all the new updates open and you can now begin your Netflix VPN through this app.

5. Modify Audio Sample Rate

Modify Audio Sample Rate

The audio sampling rate is the digit of audio that carries pieces every second. Changing the audio sampling rate is one of the finest fixes of error code: m7361-1253 Netflix.

  • Right-click on the speaker occurring in the lower right junction of the taskbar
  • Choose playback devices.
  • Currently, select the playback gadget with a green checkmark.
  • Execute a right-click on the playback gadget and select possessions.
  • Alternate, you can also tap on speaker or headphones.
  • Try to unlock the advanced tab.
  • Pushing forward by modifying the audio sampling rate via lower and higher frequencies.
  • Tap on apply and hit OK.
  • Attempt to establish Netflix and watch any film and show without any problem created by Netflix error code m7361-1253.

 6. Disable Antivirus Software

 6. Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus and firewalls stopping the path and making conditions into the system lead to so multiple errors. Netflix error code m7361 1253 is one such error. In demand to disable them as shortly as possible, read the stages down.

  • Proceed to the taskbar and peek for the symbol of the antivirus software.
  • Execute a right-click on the same.
  • Disable Antivirus
  • Select disable and leave from the program.
  • Attempt to join the Netflix VPN.
  • Now, the user requires to review the error by streaming films. If you see no irritation of the error then try to update the antivirus software.

7. Try to delete Browser cookies

Try to delete Browser cookies

If you include not clearing the browser cookies then do it directly as it can start the error code: m7361-1253 Netflix. So, try these stages to enjoy error-free streaming. Netflix Cookies

  • Type “” in the browser and try to remove the cookies.
  • If the cookies are deleted, then the user can automatically exist logged out from the Netflix account.
  • Attempt to connect to the Netflix VPN.
  • Press the passwords so that you can log in similarly.
  • In the end, play any film or show and review if the error code: m7361-1253 vanished from the system or not.


We expect that all these explanations will resolve the Netflix error code m7361-1253. Behind fixing this error, You can watch your Famous shows online like Korean Dramas, Asian Dramas, etc. As Netflix is among the list of highest Kdrama Sites. If you see this article as suitable and if it fixes all your questions related to the error problem.

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