How to Fix HBO Max Keeps Crashing on Roku

How to Fix HBO Max Keeps Crashing on Roku: Many users have said the HBO Max Keeps Crashing on Roku issue. So here, we have decided to provide workarounds to help users avoid this irritating issue. Because in my opinion, such premium live streaming applications should be lag-free.

Every user should save in mind that there can be several causes behind the HBO Max Crashing on Roku error. In that case, they require to implement a lot of fixes to get rid of this error for good. We have added solutions to help users solve problems related to HBO Max not working on Roku.

1. Update your Roku Device

Update your Roku Device

HBO Max application functions admirably on Roku 9.3, yet more established Roku models like Roku 2500 won’t be upheld. For an error-free involvement in HBO Max, Roku should run on its most recent adaptation. To refresh Roku, follow the underneath referenced advances:

  • Hold the Home button on the remote and explore Settings
  • Presently, select System and go to System update as displayed beneath.
  • Check for refreshes in Roku and continue with the establishment.

2. Reset your Network


Reset your Network

By any opportunity, assuming you are as yet unfit to determine the HBO Max Keeps Crashing on Roku error, you ought to look at the connected web association. On the off chance that you need it, you can visit the site to look at your ongoing network state.

On the off chance that the transferring and downloading speed is lower, you ought to restart your network. A basic approach to doing that is to restart the router to which your Roku device is connected. After your network is restarted, send off HBO Max on Roku to check for the experienced issue.

3. Use the Search Feature

Use the Search Feature

On the other hand, you can utilize the search feature to pick the ideal substance as opposed to utilizing the Home screen. You can search for content by film/series name, television slots, or entertainers.

You will actually want to utilize just four controls: Forward, Backward, Pause, and 7-second replay. The HBO Max menu and the shut inscription feature are not accessible with this choice.

4. Clear the Cache Memory

Designing issues and stacking issues can be figured out by clearing the put-away store in the gadget. Follow these means to clear the cache present in Roku:

  • Send off your Home screen.
  • Now, search for the HBO Max channel and select it.
  • Then, at that point, take your remote and press the indicator * button.
  • Now, select Remove channel.
  • At long last, reboot the Roku.

All store information will be erased and HBO Max not dealing with the Roku issue will be settled.

5. Reinstall HBO Max App

Reinstall HBO Max App

Whenever you uninstall the HBO Max application and reinstall it, it ought to fix every one of the specialized errors in the gadget. Here are the means to execute this strategy to fix HBO Max Not Working on the Roku issue:

Type 1

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Presently, go to Streaming Channels and select Channel Store.
  • Search HBO Max in the rundown and select OK on the remote.
  • At last, select Remove as displayed. Affirm the choice when provoked.

Type 2

  • Go to the HBO Max application on your versatile and send off Settings.
  • Presently, explore to Devices and sign out of the relative multitude of signed-in gadgets.
  • Then, at that point, erase HBO Max from Roku and restart it.
  • Once the restart interaction is finished, reinstall HBO Max.

Type 2

  • Basically Unsubscribe from HBO Max.
  • Presently, erase the HBO channel and play out a restart interaction.
  • Once more, add the HBO Max channel, and the issue will be fixed at this point.

6. Hard Reset Roku & Soft Reset Roku

Some of the time Roku Tv requires minor investigating, for example, restarting, Factory Reset, or resetting the network association and remote to reestablish its supportable presentation.

Soft Reset

Soft Reset Roku

If you wish to set Roku to its unique express, a factory reset of Roku is required. The factory reset choice is utilized to eliminate all information related to the gadget. It makes the gadget work like it’s new. A factory reset is normally done when the machine settings should be modified to work on its presentation. Utilize the remote to carry out the concurrent steps.

  • Select Settings on the Home screen.
  • Search for System > Advanced framework settings.
  • Here, pick Factory reset.
  • At the point when you select Factory to reset, a code will be created on the screen to affirm your decision

Hard Reset

Hard Reset Roku

If you have attempted a soft factory reset of Roku or potentially restarted the course of Roku regardless and haven’t acquired the ideal outcomes, you can settle on a hard reset of Roku.

  • Track down the RESET image on the gadget.
  • Hold this RESET image for something like 20 seconds.
  • Discharge the button once the power light flickers on the gadget.


We hope that this article was helpful and you were capable to fix HBO Max Keeps Crashing on the Roku issue. Let us know which technique worked for you most useful.

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