How to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working On Ps4 and Xbox

How to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working On Ps4 and Xbox: On PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 controller, Switch, and Android, this is the way to take care of Fortnite chat issues and reach out to your partners. In group-based games, having the option to communicate with your partners and direct your activities is basic. To have an unmistakable arrangement that everybody knows and follows, critical communication is important. At the point when the chat work comes up short, it disables your entire group and pushes players to act thoughtlessly, bringing down your group’s possibilities of winning the game.

We found various strategies that might be utilized to settle the absolute most continuous Fortnite chat issues. Epic Games has made a helpful page that clears up what to do on the off chance that your voice chat isn’t working. That page is an important resource, so utilize it.

Causes Of Fortnite Chat Not Working

  • In the event that your chat isn’t working, you may be encountering one of the accompanying issues:
  • Your internet connection is down. This can occur on the off chance that there’s an issue with your PC or switch.
  • Your Fortnite account has been prohibited from sending and getting messages in-game. Assuming that occurs, contact Epic Games Support for help getting restored at the earliest opportunity

How to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working On Ps4

How to Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working On Ps4

Ensure the mic wires are connected to the right ports. Analyze the ports for any residue particles that might slow down the association. Additionally, verify whether your mic blast is free.

1. Change the control layout

Change the control layout

  • Go to your game’s choices.
  • Change the plan of your controls (eg: transform it from battle genius to manufacturer expert)
  • Exit subsequent to saving the changes. Fortnite
  • Yet again start the game.
  • Return the settings to their unique state. Utilize the discussion to perceive how it functions.

2. Change your DNS servers 

change your DNS servers

For some, gamers, changing their DNS servers to public DNS servers settled the chat issue. Utilize as your primary DNS server and as your backup.

Instructions to alter the DNS settings on a PlayStation 4

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network > Set Up Internet Connection
  • Select an organization type (WiFi or cable)
  • Pick Custom.
  • Set the IP Address Configuration to Automatic.
  • DHCP Host Name ought not to be determined.
  • Go to DNS Settings and select Manual to enter your favored DNS ( as essential DNS and as optional DNS) > hit Next
  • MTU Settings ought to be set to Automatic.
  • Select Do Not Use under Proxy Server

3. Check the audio settings on your PS4

Mange your DNS servers

  • Go to your Play station 4 s Settings menu.
  • Select Devices > Audio Devices
  • Pick an Input Device
  • Select the Controller-Connected Headset
  • Pick a result gadget.
  • Select the Controller-Connected Headset.
  • Select Volume Control (Headphones) > set the level to the most extreme
  • Presently, select Output to Headphones > All Audio
  • To align your microphone, pick Adjust Microphone Level and follow the on-screen bearings.

How to Fix Fortnite Chat Not Working On Xbox

1. Reset the voice chat settings

  • Go to the fundamental menu of Fortnite.
  • Select the Speaker symbol from the Settings menu.
  • Voice Chat ought to be crippled.
  • Change the strategy for voice chat from open Xbox mic to push-to-talk. save your inclinations.
  • Get back to the Main Menu.
  • Go to the Settings menu. > Speaker
  • Turn on voice chat.
  • Change from Push-To-Talk to Open Mic for Voice Chat.
  • Save your inclinations.
  • Close the ongoing game and begin another one. To check whether you can now speak with your buddies, do a test.

2. Change the chat channels

Change the chat channels

  • While playing the game, click the Start button on your Xbox controller.
  • To change to the party channel, press Y.
  • Enact the Xbox Live Party voice channel.
  • Get back to the party voice channel. Verify whether it worked.

3. Make it possible for everyone to communicate

Change the chat channels

Verify whether your ongoing protection settings let you communicate with all players. If this isn’t true, change your settings on Xbox to permit everybody to communicate.

  • Initiate the Xbox button.
  • Explore to System
  • Pick your choices.
  • Pick a record.
  • Go to Privacy and online wellbeing
  • Pick your Xbox Live protection settings.
  • Go to View subtleties and modify
  • Select Communication and multiplayer
  • Make it feasible for everybody to communicate

4. Double-check the settings for Parental Controls

Double-check the settings for Parental Controls.

Assuming that your Xbox account is managed by your parents, guarantee sure chat is turned on and it is utilized to follow settings:

  • Mature Language Filter: OFF
  • Permit Friend Requests to Accepted: OFF or ON
  • Whether non-Squad individuals might see your name is flipped among OFF and ON.
  • Non-Squad Member Names Can: OFF or ON
  • Voice Chat has turned on.


We hope the Fornite chat is back up and running for you. The Fortnite voice chats not working ps4 is an issue that many players are facing. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the problem in an understandable way.

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