How to Fix Fios TV Remote Not Working

How to Fix Fios TV Remote Not Working: A few things might be off-base when you endeavor to switch channels, manage the volume, flip between the STB and DVD among other TV capacities and there’s no reaction. To get your Fios TV remote practical once more. Numerous Fios clients are announcing that Fios remote control squints. The red light flickers the red light up multiple times. The most well-known issue is this. The red light blinking on your Fios remote control might be because of the low battery charge level. Assuming your remote battery charge level is extremely low. You will get this red light blinking issue on your Fios remote control. One and only answer for fixing the red blinking Fios remote is to supplant the remote control battery.

How to Fix Fios TV Remote Not Working

1. Check the Batteries

Check the Batteries

Check assuming the power on the battery is low or exhausted totally. A fast method for checking to assume that the batteries are as yet dynamic is to press different buttons on the remote. You should get a relating streak reaction on the LED pointer. On the off chance that the light marker doesn’t light up in the wake of squeezing the buttons, then the batteries are either low or completely drained. In this situation, they should be replaced.

2. Examine your Distance to the TV and Eliminate Interference

Take a stab at working the remote from around 20 feet to the set-top box. Remaining farther than that could cause loss of association and consequently limit the remote usefulness. Take out remote gadgets inside the scope of the remote and the set-top box. This could disrupt the network of the remote and the set-top box.

Cupboards encompassing the set-top box should be open and guarantee there are no checks to the sensor of the set-top box and the remote. Then take a stab at working the remote at a reach nearer to the set-top box. You will get a smooth and consistent experience that way.

3. Check the Settings and Connections

Check the Settings and Connections

Confirm that the link associations between the TV and the set-top box are right. HDMI links ought to likewise be in great working circumstances. The set-top box power source should be turned on. You can likewise switch the power now and again to check whether it will take care of the issue.

Really take a look at your Smart TV settings and guarantee it’s on the proper channel for Fios TV tasks. The TV ought to be set to Channel 3 or 4, or other information modes you are acquainted with. The objective gadget ought to be dynamic. It could either be the TV or the set-top box. Assuming you are new to Fios TV, be certain the Fios TV remote is viable with your TV. A few TVs require programming updates and you can reach out to the producer for help on this.

4. Link It Again

In the event that the remote isn’t working with the FiOS box and have reaction issues, you need to interface the container and remote once more. For this reason, the clients need to press the menu button on the remote, and look down for the client’s assistance. Then, you should open the home specialist and tap on the programmed remote. When you press the program remote button, there will be on-screen directions for connecting.

5. Button Sequence

Button Sequence

Assuming the issue actually continues to happen, you should utilize a particular button arrangement. For fixing the reaction issue, you should press the STB button on the remote and move the Guide choice. Then, at that point, you should press the channel up and channel button, and press the volume up and volume down buttons. Subsequently, there is a high possibility that the FiOS box will begin answering the remote. Then again, you can call 1-877-327-4440 for help assuming the reaction issue is still there.

How to Fix Fios Remote Volume Not Working

1. Pairing Issue

Pairing Issue

Another issue could be that your remote control wasn’t paired as expected to actuate the volume control. You can affirm this by attempting to utilize other capacity buttons on the remote like the channel buttons. Assuming the channel buttons and other capacity buttons are working and the volume button isn’t working, then you really want to match the remote once more. Follow the steps below:

  1. Switch on the Fios Cable Box
  2. Hold your Fios remote near the Cable box. Discharge the buttons when the LED light on the remote squints
  3. Press the ‘Fios TV’ and ‘alright’ fastens all the while.
  4. Keep on squeezing the ‘Play/Pause’ button until your TV switches off. As you press the button, your remote inquiries through the information base of codes to observe the code for your TV image.
  5. Press the ‘Power’ button to turn on the TV.
  6. At last, press the ‘alright’ button to save the code.

2. Perform a Factory Reset On Your Remote

Assuming that you’ve paired the remote volume button and completed a power cycle and your remote won’t work, now is the right time to get the huge hooligans. The first is to production line reset the remote control. Note that you will lose the past settings after plant resetting your remote control. That implies you really want to reset the remote control once more. Likewise, guarantee you write down your records’ usernames and passwords before the plant reset. You should enter the subtleties again to get to your records. Check below for the total strides to the processing plant reset your Fios remote control:

  1. Track down the ‘alright’ and ‘2’ buttons on your remote control. Press and hold the two buttons for several seconds.
  2. The small LED light on the remote button will flicker two times.
  3. Press the code 9.0.0 utilizing the number buttons on the remote.
  4. The LED light will streak two or multiple times and mood killer.

3. Pair With RF to IR Converter

To match the remote again to your device, you need to fix the RF remote to IF. Follow the steps below to finish the interaction:

  1. Eliminate the RF to IR Converter from the Set-top box. You will track down this on top of the case.
  2. Press the ‘Find’ button.
  3. While squeezing the button, supplant the RF to IR converter back to the set-up box.
  4. Hold your remote near the Set-up box, press, and button, and press the FIND button on the converter once more.


Here is the best at any point investigate tips that I have accommodated different issues that you might have insight into with Fios Remote control. Every one of those is a normal issue that is oftentimes knowledgeable about any gadget remote control. You can attempt the above investigating tips with other remote controls other than Programming and resetting Fios remote control.

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