How to Fix Black Screen Issue On TCL Roku Tv

How to Fix Black Screen Issue On TCL Roku Tv: Do you have a TCL Roku TV at your house? Having a Roku TV in the house is a great gift because it provides excellent quality picture resolution and delivers a full entertainment program. You have to sit back in the area and watch all your favorite movies with clear and crispy screen pictures.

Like other devices, a TCL TV will face different problems in which the black screen is the main one. TCL Roku TV black screen is a problem that is quite common to experience. This can destroy your whole viewing experience. In this Roku TV issue, the full screen of the TCL Roku TV will stop displaying the picture. However, the screen issue is fairly little, so you can quickly fix it by consulting a TV mechanic.

Causes of the TCL Roku TV Black Screen?

  • The issue in the equipment framework can bring the TV LED lightning to hardship
  • Programming is influencing the savvy Roku TV
  • Link associations of TV are free
  • Obsolete variant of TV firmware
  • Issues in the Roku HDMI link
  • Tainted arrangement of the motherboard or the Roku TV chip
  • Screen is Defective

Now we should move to the primary part of the point, which is tied in with fixing the dark screen of the TCL Roku TV. Getting the dark experience on the screen is so much unnerving. So it is smarter to dispose of it at this moment. Check the underneath strategies to fix the dark screen issue.

1. Reboot your System of TV

The first method is rebooting the Roku TV system, which is like the one that does with your cell phone. Similarly, the rebooting should be done on the Roku TV system also. Through the Roku rebooting, you will actually want to get all your product and TV equipment systems to be restarted once more. Along these lines, a few of the minor errors prompting the dark screen of Roku TV can without much of a stretch be fixed to partake in the quality pictures once more.

How to Fix Black Screen Issue On TCL Roku Tv

To reboot the Roku TV, you really want to turn off the electrical plug without turning it off. Kindly hang tight for 1 moment, and afterward, you need to plug it back in. Indeed, power it on. This Roku TV approach can likewise work best on the off chance that you generally dislike the Roku TV framework.

2. Factory Resetting the TV

Is the rebooting answer for Roku TV not working for you? This shows that the issue is very not kidding! Thus it very well may be going on because of the undermined settings of the TCL TV. This is the moment that the TV plant resetting can assist you with fixing this dark screen issue:

Factory Resetting the TV

  • Perform it through the Roku TV settings menu
  • Utilize the TV complex reset strategy
  • As you can’t gain admittance to the Roku TV menu without the presentation of the photos, then, at that point, a hard reset is the most ideal choice for you to follow. To play out this technique, follow the means underneath:
  • Visit the side panel or the back panel of the TCL TV framework. Here all the HDMI and associations are found.
  • Presently search for the button of the hard reset button and press it.
  • You need to hold the button for somewhere around 10-12 seconds and afterward discharge it quickly.
  • Power the Roku TV on whenever you have completed the entire arrangement.

As we talk about the Roku TV manufacturing plant resetting, you need to eliminate all your framework settings, like saved information and systems administration. Yet again and for that purpose, you really want to set up your own TCL Roku TV account.

3. Checking all link

Have you been attempting to connect your Roku link box with the TCL Roku TV? This issue may be occurring because of the link associations which are free or not connected as expected.


Checking all links

The HDMI cables of Roku TV will give you a slight issue in the event that they are to blame and are not associated as expected. So you need to ensure that you are not utilizing the one which is harmed. Harmed or free TV links can cause different issues for the dark screen, particularly in the display.

4. Updating the TV firmware

Generally, the TCL Roku TV is accessible with firmware, which ought to be forward-thinking so you can let the TV system work without a hitch. In the case that you really do encounter the TV dark screen with the sound, then, at that point, the main issue is all showing up as a result of the outdated firmware.

Updating the TV firmware

  • Visit the settings menu of the Roku TV
  • Presently explore the systems update
  • Pick the choice of update for introducing the most recent adaptation of the firmware.
    This choice can just work on the off chance that your TCL Roku TV dark screen isn’t impacted by the menu. In any case, on the off chance that the menu is imperceptible, suggesting the Roku TCL client assistance is the most ideal choice.


All the Roku Tv issues fix or arrangements we given right above for you are ideal to all the more likely arrangement with the dark screen issue in TCL Roku TV. Keep our rules cautiously and have an amazing viewing sense on your TCL LCD.

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