How to Fix Black Screen Issue on Samsung Tv

How to Fix Black Screen Issue on Samsung Tv: There is a small discussion that Samsung Smart TVs are some of the most famous on the market. The dependability and quality of these TVs are unquestioned. However, like any device, Samsung TVs are subject to their share of problems and issues. One of the most often asked about problems is the black screen issue.

It can be frustrating when you like to relax after a long day, but when you turn on your Samsung TV, you’re met with a black screen. You listen to the sound coming from the TV, and you’re sure you can change the channels too, but there’s no image on the screen.

1. Check on Your Cables

To fix the Samsung TV dark screen of death mistake, the primary thing you can do is ensure every one of your outer links is appropriately associated. The most ideal way to check is to turn off every one of the links then, at that point, interface them back as firmly as could really be expected. You’ll need to give the most consideration to the power link and the power supply. It’s a given, yet on the off chance that the power source is frail, the TV won’t work at full limit. You can do a delicate reset by turning off the power link from the electrical plug. Sit tight briefly, and plug the power link in once more. You can likewise attempt an alternate divider outlet to check whether it gives a similar outcome.

Check on Your Cables

On the off chance that you’ve stopped every one of the associations accurately, however, you’re actually getting a dark screen, review the link associations themselves. Attempt to check whether the wires and ports are broken or harmed. Your HDMI link, coaxial link, HDMI port, and different ports ought to be looking great. In the event that not, you’ll need to supplant the links or take your Samsung Smart TV to an expert to supplant the port.

2. Inspect Your Sources

Press the menu button on your TV remote and check whether it comes out plainly on the screen. Assuming it does, that implies your Samsung smart TV and the TV screen are fine. The issue could be the outer sources it’s been connected to.

Inspect Your Sources

Sources are additional extras associated with your TV that give you the shows you need to watch. These could be your Cable Box [1], Amazon, SAT box, DVD player, and so on. Here and there, these outer associations obstruct your screen and make your end of the week.

Make your sources are working appropriately by turning them on and off. That ought to set off the reset cycle in the source box. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, take a stab at interfacing it to another TV just to twofold check assuming it’s deficient or broken.

3. Make Sure Your Samsung TV Input Is Correct

You could encounter the dark screen of death issue since you’ve set the TV to some unacceptable source input. Every one of the information and result sources ought to be adjusted for the TV to work accurately.

Make Sure Your Samsung TV Input Is Correct

To check to assume that it’s the right info, press the source button on your TV’s controller to see all suitable TV input settings. Guarantee all the TV inputs are set accurately. You can switch the data sources individually and affirm assuming every one of them are all around associated.

4. Update Software

Samsung routinely refreshes their gadgets, so you generally need to ensure you’re on top of the updates of your TV firmware. There’s a decent opportunity that obsolete firmware is the reason why your TV screen becomes dark.

Update Software

  • Press the Menu button on your Samsung remote
  • After the menu shows up, go to TV Settings and pick Support
  • Select Software Update – Update Now

All suitable updates will start downloading and being introduced. When the update is done, your TV will reboot consequently. In this way, don’t be frightened when you see your Samsung TV screen consequently shut off. Give it a couple of moments to return on, and your dark screen ought to be fixed.

5. Try a Hard Reset

The final thing to attempt prior to looking for proficient assistance to fix your Samsung TV screen is to do a plant reset. This ought to clean every one of the information off, including any bugs or issues, and return it to how it was just out of the industrial facility. Before you do this, recollect that a hard reset eradicates all the TV’s information.

Try a Hard Reset

  • Press Menu on your remote.
  • Click on Settings. Select Support, then, at that point, Self-finding choice.
  • Pick Reset.
  • You should enter a PIN. Assuming that you changed the PIN, input your PIN. In any case, the default PIN is 0000.
  • The TV will reboot. Adhere to the on-screen directions to set up your TV once more.


As found in this aide, these were a couple of ways of fixing the Samsung TV’s dark screen of death issue from home! Recall that your last choice will be to carry it to an expert in the event that these fundamental fixes don’t work. In the event that it’s not free associations, link issues, inaccurate settings, some unacceptable info, or a power saver/energy-saving mode issue, it very well may be an equipment disappointment from an awful driver board or a flawed TV board.

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