How to Fix Airplay Not Working on Roku Tv

How to Fix Airplay Not Working on Roku Tv: Mac AirPlay permits you to stream, control, and offer substance from iPhone, iPad, and Mac to a viable Roku streaming device. You will actually want to watch films, TV shows, and family recordings. Pay attention to moving music and furthermore peruse your photos. Apple AirPlay additionally has a component. Where you can reflect on your Apple device. Partake in its substance on the big screen from the solace of your home.

To check in the event that you can utilize AirPlay with your Roku device. You need to know the product rendition and the device model. To get this data, you can go to the Home screen, and select Settings. Tap on the choice System, and afterward select ‘About’. For utilizing AirPlay, it is vital that your Roku device should be running on Roku OS 9.4 and higher. The Roku device auto checks for an update each 24 to a day and a half and you can likewise physically refresh the product whenever required.

Why is my Roku AirPlay not working?

Why is my Roku AirPlay not working

As I made sense of before, it is feasible to utilize your device one moment and the following moment; you’d find that it is done working. There are different reasons, however minor, that can keep your Roku AirPlay from working. Some of them are:

  • Obsolete programming
  • Association issues
  • Slow web speed
  • Incongruent device

These recorded above and some others could be the reason your device isn’t working, and this article will assist you with fixing that, on the whole, we really want to preclude the chance of association issues.

  • Switch on your Roku device.
  • Visit the landing page and select settings.
  • Select Network association.

How to Fix Roku AirPlay Not Working

1. Use the Same Wifi Network

Use the Same Wifi Network

One normal slip-up individuals make while attempting to AirPlay is utilizing various organizations. Assuming you’re utilizing a versatile organization on your Apple device and a home WiFi network on your Roku, the possibilities that it’ll work are practically nothing. Ensure the two devices are associated with a similar Wi-Fi network.

2. Roku Reboot

On the off chance that the issue with your device isn’t because of association, one of the fastest ways to deal with fixing some other AirPlay issue on Roku devices is restarting the Roku device. Here and there, it very well may be network issues or programming issues with your Roku device, and for this situation, a fast device restart can be the smartest option.

To restart your Roku device, follow these basic strides:

  • Explore to Settings
  • Select System
  • Click Power
  • Select System Restart
  • Pick Restart and stand by till the device restarts.

Restarting the Roku device might require a couple of moments; notwithstanding, when the interaction is finished, take a stab at associating AirPlay to Roku, and it ought to be ready to go.

3. Router Restart

Router Restart

On the off chance that your device is associated with the Wi-Fi it’s as yet not working, then, at that point, restarting your Router could help.

Follow these basic strides underneath to restart your Router:

  • Separate your Router by turning it off, turning off it, and afterward trusting that the hotness will chill.
  • Re-plug your Router and permit it for sure.
  • Associate your Roku and Apple device to the web when your Router is running once more.

This should get your Roku AirPlay turned out great.

4. Software Update

There’s generally an update for the Roku device each 24-48 hours. The device has likewise set to refresh itself when updates are free naturally; notwithstanding, your AirPlay may not work with the device in the event that this doesn’t occur.

How to Fix

To fix this, you can physically check for updates and update your Roku programming by following the means below:

  • Switch on your Roku device.
  • Visit the landing page and select settings.
  • Select framework update and afterward click on update.

Your AirPlay ought to begin working fine now when you update your Roku device. Be that as it may, on the off chance that this doesn’t work, attempt different fixes.

Reset Roku

Reset Roku

Assuming you have attempted every one of the fixes referenced above and not a single one of them has tackled the issue of your Roku AirPlay not working, the following thing to do is reset your Roku gadget.

Resetting the gadget will return it to its default settings like it was pristine. In this way, you would have to sign in once more and introduce all your applications once more.

Follow these means to reset your gadget:

  • From the landing page of your gadget, explore the settings.
  • Select System on the Settings and explore the Advanced framework settings.
  • Select Factory Reset.

After the manufacturing plant reset, you ought to dislike AirPlay not working.

Contact Roku Support

If resetting the gadget doesn’t get the job done, you really want to contact support for help. You can either contact Roku or Apple’s help by means of email or call, and they will assist you with taking care of the issues.


You should now understand how to AirPlay to your Roku TV. Now you know how to check your AirPlay TV settings and take the basic troubleshooting steps to fix any problems. If you’ve followed all these steps worked for you and helped stop the problem of airplay not working on Roku tv.

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