How To Factory Reset Roku Tv Without Remote

In the Roku application, you can watch films, TV shows, and other content on your Television. While if you need to delete a channel from your Roku device, there are multiple ways to do so. Roku is one of the finest media streaming gadgets and it comes with the ability to replace cable TV, set up boxes, etc. With the use of this device, users can stream their chosen favorite media on TV including the PBS network.

The finest thing about the Roku is, it helps users to stream content of Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube TV, Sling TV, and better with slandered internet connection. While as we all know, nothing is perfect in the world. Similarly, it’s also not perfect and sometimes you may stuck on a retrieving screen or the gadget won’t start properly. So, if you are fetching any type of problem with the Roku device, there are some solutions to overcome them.

How To Factory Reset Roku Tv 

How To Factory Reset Roku Tv 

Are you exploring for a long time on the internet How to reset Roku TV? If yes, see this article until the ending because you will get an endless solution here. Roku TV is a great smart TV that comes at a very reasonable price. You get to visit multiple smart elements in it, which make your enjoyment a lot easier. Assume you are also utilizing it for a long time. But if you want to reset it also due to some reason, you stay persistent in this article.

  • How To Reset Roku Tv Without Remote
  • How To Reset Roku Tv With Remote

How To Reset Roku Tv Without Remote

How To Reset Roku Tv Without Remote


If you like to reset your TV even without a remote, then we are moving to tell you a very confidential tip, which numerous people do not know.  We want to tell you that when you look at the back of the Roku TV, you get to see a physical reset button, which you can use if the remote is not operating. here you can see 3 easy methods. So let’s know how you can use it step by step.

1. Reset By using the Reset Button

1. Reset By using the Reset Button

  • While your Tv is turned on, press the Reset Button for nearly 10 seconds
  • To indicate that your player is resetting, the light indicator will continue to blink
  • Your Tv has been successfully reset when the light stops blinking and turn off

2. Reset By Using Roku Remote App

 Reset By Using Roku Remote App

If your mobile device and your Roke device are connected to the same wifi network, you can download the Roku Tv remote app from the play store or app store

  • Download the app and open it on any device you want to use as a remote
  • Simply press app controller button
  • By browsing to the advanced system settings on the app, you can reset your Roku

3. Reset Using Roku Remoku. tv

Reset Using Roku Remoku. tv

Remoku. tv is a web app that permits you to maintain your Roku tv. It works on any computer, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet. If your player is connected to the internet through an ethernet cable, you can use Remoku to reset Remoku tv without a remote.

Now, set up your Roku tv again and enjoy your entertainment. This is how you can reset your Roku tv without any remote, which is a considerably more leisurely way, but a lot of people don’t know it.

How To Reset Roku Tv With Remote

How To Reset Roku Tv With Remote

If you also need to restart your Roku TV, then you can follow the following steps.

  • Foremost of all, go to the settings of Roku tv.
  • Then move to the system as in the image.
  • Then after that, go to Power
  • Then Choose System Reset
  • Then select Reset as shown in the picture.
  • All you have to do is Reset your Roku smart TV. It is effortless, which you can finish in just five steps.

If you’ve been using Roku tv for a long time and see something bad with the system, you can also do a system reset to correct it, which is an effortless way to improve nearly every type of error.


This has all about Roku soft reset to solve common issues. If a regular restart is not supporting you to access your gadget then a factory reset is advisable. Also, a Roku factory reset has also suggested when you need to sell or give your Roku to someone. Factory reset will erase all settings and data of the gadget including your Roku account which is necessary before selling your device. You saw the Roku noted above TV restart information very useful, then do convey it with all your friends.

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