How to Delete Reddit Account On App – Top 2 Methods

How to Delete Reddit Account On App: Reddit is a social sharing site with millions of monthly active users who go on the platform to collect links, comment or vote on the links, and communicate them with others.

If you’ve just entered Reddit, it may bring some time to figure out the ins and outs of the site. Sometimes other Redditors may be harsh or unwelcoming, particularly to the uninformed, and you may end up feeling like leaving the platform completely.

If you only use the Reddit app, you may have become frustrated by testing to discover a way to delete your account. Well, you won’t see a way to delete the account on the app, because it is not possible. So how do you permanently delete your Reddit account?

Not only can you not use the app to delete your account, but Reddit officials also cannot delete your account on your behalf. You must delete your Reddit account manually via the Reddit website. The Reddit website especially tells you can only delete your account by utilizing a web browser, and that the method for deleting your account depends on which version of Reddit you operate.

Causes For Delete Reddit Account on App

In fact, Reddit is one of the top ten most popular social media sites on the internet, but we don’t see the number of persons leaving the platform and deactivating their accounts for good. Why do some persons choose to delete their Reddit account never to return

Well, one of the greatest reasons is some of the privacy and security problems of Reddit that many people who care about their online safety don’t decide with, and for a good cause. Over the past rare years, Reddit has been in many arguments, which has caused users to review using the platform.

Reddit has also been found tracking users without their knowledge and transferring user data with third parties. Multiple Redditors are not familiar with that search is automatically allowed, which they hold to switch off manually via the settings of their account.

Many people also say that their reasons for vacating Reddit contain heavy censorship on the website, badly behaving moderators, and other security exposures.

1. How to Delete Reddit Account on App?

How to Delete Reddit Account On App

Before you erase your Reddit account, recall that all that you have posted, remarked, and so on will be eliminated. Reddit won’t allow you to get to your record again after you erase it. Regardless, how about we perceive how we can erase Reddit accounts on the application.

  • Introduce the Reddit Mobile application on your iPhone
    The Profile symbol is situated on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • To get to Help and FAQs, look down.
  • In the inquiry box, type “Deactivate record” and tap Search when the page shows up.
  • At this moment. Click on ‘How would I deactivate my record? on the indexed lists page.
  • Click on the “You can likewise click this connection” interface at the lower part of the page. Another page will open.
  • Presently, enter your Reddit login subtleties and snap “affirm” to sign in to your record.
  • Eventually, you should simply tap the “Deactivate” button.

2. How to delete Reddit account on iPhone using a browser

2. How to delete Reddit account on iPhone using a browser

  • Sign in to your account by visiting, the authority site of Reddit.
  • On the right half of the screen, click “Client Name” to show your User name. Select “Client Settings” starting from the drop menu.
  • Tapping the client settings connection will take you to the new page. At the lower part of the page, you’ll track down a Deactivate
  • Account button. You’ll need to look down and click it.
  • Whenever that has been done, you will be requested your Username and Password. There will likewise be a criticism box.
  • Ensure that you have actually taken a look at the crate that says “deactivated accounts can’t be recovered”
  • Whenever you have tapped on the Deactivate button, a window will show up.
  • This is the finish of the interaction.


The article has given a direct method for erasing the Reddit account. With the Reddit account gone, that implies it will be for all time deactivated. The method involved with erasing a Reddit account is irreversible, so you can’t reestablish it by any stretch of the imagination. Recall that you should settle on each choice after explicit contemplations. Consider the reason why you would rather not utilize your Reddit account any longer before forever erasing it.

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