How to Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Error On Android

Nothing annoys Android users more than an annoying pop-up when they are trying to update/install an app and a pop-up that reads “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” appears. This leads to many questions in the minds of the users, all of which revolve around. Why are Google Play services stopping? Faulty software or network issues can stop almost all Google Play services.

However, there is also a possibility that Google Play Services may stop because Google has accidentally created an incorrect version of Google Play Services for your device which has stopped Google Play Services from running smoothly. If you’re wondering why Google Play Services keeps stopping, don’t worry – this guide is for you. We have listed several troubleshooting methods to help you fix issues with Google Play Store.

How to Fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping: 

So, what to do if Google Play stops or keeps crashing on your device? By following the methods listed below you can fix the Google Play services stop error. Try each technique one by one and we are sure you will be able to get Play Store back up and running smoothly.

1. Restart Device:

Restart Device

The first thing to do when Google Play services stop working is to restart your Android device. Many users don’t know that restarting your device can help fix minor issues and help it run smoothly. This can be useful to resolve why Google Play services are stopping issues on your device.

How to restart your Android device

  • Hold and press the Power button on the top or side of your Android device
  • Press on the Restart option that occurs on the screen.
  • Confirm your wait and choice for the device to restart
  • After restarting, check the Play Store
  • If restarting your device fails to fix the Google Play services stopped error, then you should proceed to the next method.

2. Clear Cache:

Clear Cache

Clearing the Google Play Services cache may help resolve the crashing issue. Corrupted data can cause any app to behave abnormally and clearing the cache can remove bad data. Deleting the cache restores your device to its original state and frees up space on your device. Clearing the cache for any different app is a very simple process. Follow the steps below to do this on your device.

How to Clear Google Play Services Cache

  • Open Settings > Apps
  • Go to the list of installed apps
  • Look for Google Play Services to tap on it
  • Click Storage > Clear Cache
  • Restart your phone after clearing the cache to the Play Store again after restarting the device to check if clearing the cache has fixed the Google Play stopping issue.

3. Check Wi-Fi:

Check Wi-Fi

Google Play Store is Internet-based. The app will not work properly if it does not meet the internet requirements. When Google Play Store keeps crashing, you need to make sure the app is connected to the internet and gets enough data. Either way, the solution is relatively straightforward. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, try connecting using a different wireless network or your cellular data. Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data if you’re currently connected via a cellular network. Try both network mediums to find out which network Play Store works better on.

4. Reset Google Play Services Preferences:

To fix the Google Play services stop error, you can try to reset the configuration. If you do a clean reset, all your app options will be deleted, including the settings that triggered the problem.

How to Reset Google Play Services Preferences

  • Open Settings on your Android device
  • Now, go to Apps
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner
  • Select Reset App Preferences from the menu
  • Press Reset to confirm the action

5. Update Google Play Services:

Update Google Play Services

When Google Play Services and other apps are out of date, they show errors or bugs. When Google Play Services stops working and the problem is related to updates, what should you do? Keeping applications up to date will benefit the recovery process.

If you have Google Play Store installed on your Android device, you can update the latest API package and applications. Check the steps explained below:

How to Update Google Play Services

  • Go to Settings > Apps and notifications
  • Tap See all apps
  • From the list, select Google Play Services > App Details
  • Tap Update

6. Update Device Time And Date:

Update Device Time And Date

If Google Play Services keeps crashing, your device’s date and time may be out of sync. This can happen more often to users who prefer to manually adjust their device’s date and time instead of letting their device update automatically. If that’s the case, you need to readjust the time and date on your device to fix it so that it doesn’t trigger the Google Play Services Stopped error.

How to Fix Your Android Device’s Date and Time Settings

  • Open your device settings
  • Go to General > Date and Time
  • Enable the Automatic update date and time option
  • If the option is already enabled, you may need to manually check the date and time to ensure it is accurate
  • After confirming the correctness, restart your device
  • Check the Play Store again
  • If adjusting the date and time does not resolve the Google Play Services issue, move on to the next option.


    What to do when Google Play services stop? We hope our troubleshooting methods help users resolve the issue effectively. Rooting and sideloading the Play Store may work for some users, while others may require a factory reset. However, if none of these work for you, you must contact your device manufacturer to discuss the issue and find a viable solution to the “Google Play Service has stopped” error message.

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