How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 20006 – Simple Methods in 2023

Fortnite is a video game invented by People Can Fly and Epic Games. The game was anticipated and announced in 2011, but its release date is July 25, 2017. It is a zombie game in which human-controlled survivors cooperate online to keep their castles safe from the attacks of the walking dead. To conquer the earth.

Fortnite launch error 20006 is also known as an anti-cheat-service error. This error occurs if the game detects a problem with the anti-cheat.sys file or the anti-cheat service. There are simple solutions to this problem. In this text, let’s see how to fix launch error 20006 in Fortnite.

1. Repair Fortnite Files:

Repair Fortnite Files

The previous two solutions should fix the problem quickly and without doing anything else, but in some cases, the error code 20006 persists, which is why you may need to reinstall Fortnite.

Luckily new and shiny launchers like Steam or Epic Games have a built-in feature that allows you to scan your game files and repair any corrupted or missing data in them.

This may be your last option but follow these simple steps to verify your game data:

  • First, you need to confirm that Fortnite is completely closed from the task manager. To open it, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys. Find Fortnite there and click on the End Task button
  • Once you’ve verified that Fortnite isn’t running, you’ll need to open the Epic Games Launcher
  • On the left side menu, click on Section Library
  • Click on the cogwheel in the Fortnite game. In the menu that opens, click on the Verify button and wait for Epic Games Launcher to check and repair any issues with your game data.

2. Reinstall EasyAntiCheat:

Reinstall EasyAntiCheat

As the message says, there is something wrong with the EasyAntiCheat file. So you can try to reinstall it by following these steps:

  • You need to open the file explorer and navigate to the Fortnite installation path there. You can usually find that folder in the next path: C:\Program Files-Epic Games-Fortnite
  • Once there, you need to open the folder binaries, then Win64
  • In this Win64 folder, you will find some folders, open the one called EasyAntiCheat and double-click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file
  • This file will open the EasyAntiCheat installer, open the dropdown menu there and select the Fortnite option. Then click on the Repair Service button

3. Check your antivirus software:

Check your antivirus software

Another cause of error 20006 is your antivirus software. You should check to make sure your antivirus is not blocking your game. Try whitelisting your Fortnite game and Epic Games Launcher or temporarily turning off the antivirus program. Then see if the error is still there.

4. EAC file location:

EAC file location

According to Technographx users will receive the following error message: “An error occurred while starting the game.” Error code: 20006 (Could not create service (debug service: 193)). A fix comes from users who claim that the error occurred because the Easy Anti-Cheat folder was not in the Fortnite folder.

Therefore, he moved the EAC folder to C: Programs (x86)Extended Epic Win64 Game Engine Game. Then open EasyAntiCheat.exe, remove the program, reinstall, and start the game. If you’re having problems with your computer, try using Advanced SystemCare. CNET describes it as a “Swiss Army Knife computer.” After downloading, you will receive a series of optimization tools, including an uninstaller, a one-click registry fix, defragmentation, etc.

5. Verify The Game Installation:

Verify The Game Installation

Most online stores have a game verification option. This feature is used to check for broken or missing game files. If the scanner finds such broken files, the latest version of these files will be downloaded from the appropriate servers.

The Steam Store has this feature. Epic Games also has this feature in the Fortnite launcher and you can use this feature to check for any broken or missing game files on your computer. To check for missing files using the built-in verification feature, follow these steps:

  • Open the main executable file of Fortnite. You should find a shortcut on your desktop or you can also find the option in the Start menu.
  • Next to the launch button, you will find a cog icon. Click on this cog icon to reveal a hidden context menu.
  • From the context menu, click Verify to check for any missing game files.

Wait for the process to complete. You need to go through the process of downloading missing or corrupted files from the Epic Games server again. The entire process will take about 10 minutes to finish verifying your game’s file. Start the game after the verification is done. Your Fortnite error code 20006 should now be fixed.

Final Word:

If you play Fortnite regularly, you will get very annoyed when you see launch errors on your computer. Now you know how to fix Fortnite error code 20006 using the solutions provided above. Comment below if you find it useful and discuss more it.

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