How to Fix SD Card Not Showing Up On Windows 10 PC?

The common SD Card Not Showing Up on Windows 10 issue can be fixed easily. However, this is a common problem when you try to insert any hard disk, USB. This can be fixed easily by using some methods.

Fix SD Card Issue On Windows 10 PC

There are some methods to check fix this problem:

1. Test Your SD Card

When you come across an Sd card not fixing the issue. Then, you check it by inserting it into another Pc. If the card gets detected then there is no problem related to the card. Maybe there is a connection issue. This problem arises with a new card reader, hard disk, and sd card.

2. Update Sd Card Driver

If the card reader driver you are using on windows 10 is an outdated one. Then, this also may be the reason for the sd card setup on windows 10. To check the driver follow the below steps:

  • In the “Type here to search” box type control panel. Click on it and open the application.
  • Then, go for “Device Manager” and open it.
  • Now, you right-click on the “sd card” and then select “properties”. The properties window gets displayed.update driver
  • Under the “Driver” tab tap on “Update Driver”.
  • Then, you can proceed with “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  • By updating the driver you can set up the sd card issue.

3. Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

Follow the below steps to run hardware and device troubleshooter:

  • As you all know that the troubleshooter is built-in on windows 10. If there any internet-connected issues or sd card issues and more.
  • Go for the “Settings” option and then “update and security”.



  • There you select “Troubleshooter”. Then click on “Hardware and Devices”.
  • You can find the “Run the Troubleshooter” option. Click on it you can so that one can fix any small issues.

4. Change or Assign Drive Letter for SD Card

If the SD card that you inserted into your computer does not have a drive letter. Then, it won’t show up in the system. In few situations, the card reader is assigned to a drive letter, and you get the error message “Please insert a disk into removable disk”. It means the card is not readable. To solve this issue you can try assigning a new drive letter. Below are the steps to assign a new drive letter:

  • Right-click on the Start button and then select “Disk Management” from the menu list.
  • There you try to find the “SD card” in “Disk Management”.  Then, you right-click it to choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the menu.

SD Card Not Showing Up

  • Now, you tap on the “Change” button from the pop-up menu. Then, select the “drive letter” from the drop-down list and then click on the “Ok” button.
  • If the does not have a drive letter then you should tap on the “Add” button. Then details of that card would appear in the file explorer along with local disks.

5. Fix SD Card Reader

Following are the steps to fix the issue of not showing up on windows 10:

  • Firstly, open “Disk Manager” on your computer.
  • Now, expand the “Memory Technology Devices”. Double click on the card reader to open as shown below.
  • You can see a pop-up window. There you click on “Driver” and then, click on “Disable Device”.

SD Card Not Showing Up

  • If any pop-up message comes to disable the device then click on “Yes”.
  • Now, double-click the card reader again. The “properties” window gets displayed.
  • There you click on “Enable Device” to re-enable it.
  • In this way also you can fix the problem.

What is an Sd card?

SD – Secure Digital. This is the memory card developed by the SD association. It has a high capacity for memory. For portable storage, some android mobiles use this card. You can download music, photos, videos, and files. By inserting it into a computer you can transfer all the files, images, and videos to the card


The problem of SD cards on Windows 10 can be fixed. By using the above methods you can easily set up this issue on windows 10. On windows, you can recover deleted windows partition data by using the software. Also, information about sd cards is also mentioned. By fixing this issue you can easily transfer photos and other media easily to Your Pc and enjoy them.

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