How To Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked – Simple Methods in 2023

How to Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Locked: Our laptops have become one of our most essential tools and most of us use one every day for work, school, entertainment, or play. Having a laptop in good working order is essential to us, and having a problem can really affect our productivity and ability to get things that we need and want to get done. If your Dell computer keyboard is locked, there are some troubleshooting tips you can try that can get it working again faster than you think. We’ve always loved Dell computers for work and play.

They’re cheap, durable laptops that last a long time and perform well – in fact, I’ve had my current Dell for over five years, which is way too long for a laptop to last. Recently, however, I dealt with my keyboard locking up, and for a few minutes, I worried that my workhorse laptop was finally on its last legs. Fortunately, I was able to figure out that the keyboard was locked, and within minutes, it started working again. Let me show you the steps I took in case you are in the same situation.

1. Unlock the Fn Key:

Unlock the Fn Key

Another reason why the keyboard on your laptop is not working properly is that the Fn key might be accidentally engaged. The Fn key stands for “function” and is usually used in combination with another key or multiple keys on your keyboard. When engaged, the Fn key allows you to perform various functions at your request. Most often, the Fn key is pressed along with one of the numbered F keys at the top of your keyboard.

On most Dell laptops, the Fn key is on the bottom left of your keyboard. It’s easy to accidentally tap with your palm while typing and thus, accidentally lock your keyboard. To release the Fn key, press and hold the Fn key with one hand and locate NumLock. Press the NumLock key at the same time. If the Fn key is accidentally engaged, pressing these two buttons simultaneously should unlock your keyboard.

2. Do A System Scan:

Do A System Scan

If rebooting your computer doesn’t fix the problem, but even disengaging the Fn key doesn’t fix the problem, your locked keyboard might be a slightly bigger problem. But there is still a solution you can try. At this point, it is best to perform a system scan of your laptop. To perform a system scan, shut down your computer again. Press the F12 key immediately after starting the backup. A screen should appear with various optional displays that you can try.

Find the “Diagnostics” option and then press “Enter”. At this point, your laptop should start a system-wide scan. This may sound intimidating but don’t worry. Dell laptops are designed to internally troubleshoot common problems and either fix them themselves or run a report to let you know the problem is more serious. If there is a problem with the keyboard, you will receive an error code. Write down the error code and contact Dell Customer Support. When you share with them the code provided after the scan, they can determine the severity of the problem and whether it can be fixed or not.

3. Restart Your Laptop:

Restart Your Laptop

Before doing anything, if the keyboard on your Dell laptop is locked, the best thing to do is to restart your laptop. Often, when our laptops are having trouble, powering them down for a few minutes can be the easiest and most effective way to get everything working again. Our laptops are a big load for us and sometimes it can make some sense to run all the different programs we need. Crossed wires.

Giving your Dell laptop a chance to reset and reboot should start working normally again. To shut down your laptop, press and hold the power button until you hear the machine shut down completely. Wait a few minutes and then power on again. This can be a simple solution to unlock your keyboard and resume your activity.

4. Dead Wireless Keyboard Battery:

Dead Wireless Keyboard Battery

This section is dedicated to users who use a wireless keyboard with their Dell laptops. A common problem with a wireless keyboard is the battery. It’s easy to forget to replace or recharge a wireless keyboard.

When a wireless keyboard’s battery is dead or low, it can cause the keyboard to misbehave while in use. You may feel that your joints are stuck or not working. Anyone going through this may think their keyboard is locked or not working. The easiest way to solve this problem is to replace or charge the wireless keyboard battery.

5. Contact Customer Support:

Contact Customer Support

If your laptop doesn’t give you an error code after you’ve run a diagnostic scan, it might be time to contact customer support. Dell laptops are designed to be durable, reliable, and long-lasting. But even after you’ve tried the troubleshooting tips above, a locked keyboard may have a more serious problem that can be fixed by a professional computer technician.

A good computer tech can delve into the problem your keyboard is having and give you good advice on what he or she can do or what additional steps need to be taken to get your Android device up and running. Back it up in good working order. If they can’t remotely locate your laptop and fix the problem, they may recommend taking it to a reputable Dell laptop repair shop.


Above are the methods to fix the dell Laptop keyboard locked issue. We hope the above methods definitely helpful to you and you find out the right one. If you have any doubts regarding this guide please feel free to comment in the comment box.

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