Clubhouse For PC – Use For Free on Windows 10, Mac

Clubhouse For Pc can be downloaded. The application is available on mobiles. However, now even windows and mac users can use the clubhouse app. The latest version of the application can be downloaded on any device easily.

Clubhouse for Windows 10 and Mac

However, one can download the application on Pc and Mac. Below are the steps to download Clubhouse for windows 10 and mac:

  • Firstly, one can download the clubhouse application using the android emulator only.
  • You can use the Bluestacks emulator. Then, run the exe file on pc to complete the installation of an emulator.


using bluestacks

  • Then, in that emulator, you open the “play store” application.
  • Now, log in to the google play store using your Gmail id.
  • Then, in the search bar type for the “Clubhouse for Pc” application.
  • Tap on the “Install” button to access the application on Pc.
  • In this way, you can use the Clubhouse application on a windows 10 pc.

About Clubhouse For PC

Clubhouse for pc is a trending and popular social networking application. Here there are rooms where many people discuss various things. This application is invite-only. You cannot just download the application and create a profile. The thing was you should be invited from the existing user of the clubhouse application. Clubhouse Bio Ideas is always there for you. You can ty out this.

clubhouse for pc

Once you joined you can select your favorite topics. One can follow you and also you can follow others whom you know in this application. The topics related to books, interviews, motivations, business, health, and many more.

Important Features of Clubhouse App

The main features of the clubhouse are listed below:

1. Rooms

Rooms are the virtual ones where users can communicate by audio. They are differed based on privacy. “Open rooms” can be joined by anyone on the clubhouse and by default this will be the setting of the app. The users who are followed by moderators can join in “Social rooms”. To be a member in “Closed rooms” the moderators should invite the users.

In the room, there are three sections namely- Stage, Followed by the speakers, and others in the room. The person who creates the room is said to be a “moderator”. Beside his user name, there will be a green star.People on clubhouse

2. Clubs

Clubs are the communities of people who regularly share content. As there are so many topics the clubs differ by them. Only the person who is active in the clubhouse can create a club. At least the person should have hosted three rooms. However, the management manually approves applications for new clubs. One user can create only one club.

A club can be a public or private one like Instagram. Also, it should have “members”, “founders”, and also “followers”. One can search for clubs on the explore page. The person could be a member of the club only if the person gets added by one of the founders.

3. Events

Some of the conversations occur spontaneously. While some conversations have the ability to plan in advance by creating events. Once an event is created then it is added as a “bulletin”. The bulletin displays the upcoming functions. Also, the users can access the bulletin by clicking on the calendar icon at top of the home page.

4. Nominations

To join the Clubhouse app an invitation from an existing user is required.  By just tapping on the “envelope” icon on the homepage. Then, the users can view the number of invites they are able to allocate. The text message with a link will be sent out to the new user when being invited. Now, the link will lead the new user to a sign-up page. While these new users will initially have two invitations and can earn more by contributing to the Clubhouse community.


To download the clubhouse application for pc the process is mentioned above. Moreover, information about the clubhouse and its main features is given. By following each step you can install the application on your desktop.

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