Best Adware Removal Apps For Android in 2021

Best Adware Removal Apps are available online. Usually, Adware is the advertisements that cause damage to the device. however, it can be removed easily on a computer. But, it is hard to remove the Adware on Android mobile. They enter into one’s computer or device without their consent.

What is Adware?

As you all aware of malware attacks on computers. “Adware” is nothing but malware that affects Android as a platform. These are also said to be the ads that ruin one’s web browsing experience. They will not do anything. Just prevent the user from reading the content. There are also some bad ads that may damage your device. However, these can be removed easily from a computer. But, it’s not that easy to remove adware from Android Mobiles.


How To Identify The Adware?

Adware can be identified when the following reasons happen on your smartphone.

  • If unwanted ads are showing at unusual locations at unusual times.
  • When the device pauses for no reason.
  • The battery drains faster than expected.
  • Applications take a longer time to load and open.
  • Apps identified without downloading them.

However, if you encounter these reasons it means your mobile got affected by adware. Now, spot the adware in your applications and try to remove it.

How To Remove Adware From Android Mobile?

Following are the steps to remove adware:

  • Firstly, reboot your mobile in safe mode.
  • This can be done by holding down the “Power” button until “Shut down” and “reboot” appears.
  • Then, press and hold the “Power off” menu.
  • In the menu choose the “Reboot in safe mode” option.
  • This acts as a sort of a soft, temporary factory reset for your device.
  • If this does not work then refer to your phone manual for that particular model.

Reboot in safe mode

  • Once your device boots in safe mode open your settings and then go to “Apps”.
  • Tap on the list of installed apps. Slowly go through the list and find the faulty one.
  • You can uninstall the app normally.
  • After removing each suspicious app you should reboot your mobile.
  • This is the safest procedure to remove adware from mobile.

Using Google Protect

This is a type of protection method. Below are the steps to set up protection.

  • Firstly, go to the google play store application.
  • Then tap on the three horizontal lines and then select the “Play protect” option.
  • Play protect is the malware protection service. It scans installed applications periodically.
  • It scans every app available on the google play store to keep users safe.
  • Next, make sure ‘Scan device for security threats” is turned on.
  • This will enable the periodical automatic scans of your Android device, using Google’s Play Protect algorithms.

Google pp


Best Adware Removal Apps For Android

You can remove adware from android mobiles by using the below applications:

1. 360 Security

360 Security protects your android mobile from viruses, adware, and also malware. It is a powerful virus removal tool. Here you can scan and remove the adware, malware, and trojans. Not only removing adware also provides optimization tools to optimize your phone. Also, the feature of backup is available for android smartphones. The tools are Speed booster, Junk Cleaner, and more features can be found when you install and start using them.

360 security adware


2. Avast Antivirus App

Avast Antivirus app is one of the best adware removal apps. It is available for both windows and android devices. It protects the smartphone from malware attacks and adware. Also, it provides security against viruses, malware, and adware. It detects malicious apps before installation. Also, it verifies wi-fi security and regularly detects threats in smartphones.

avast antivirus app

3. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a high-quality security app. It provides complete security and privacy protection to the user’s mobile from malware. Moreover, the app operates on an antivirus engine as avast. The protection level of this app is top and is free to use. Also the features like robust antivirus and anti-theft feature
The anti-theft feature allows to track mobile when it is stolen. It supports ads and is free to use. Also, there is also a paid version where extensive anti-theft features can be accessible. The device locks automatically when the sim is changed. It turns off the battery drainer and deletes junk files. However, it checks the messages from any malware platform are received to mobile. It auto-scans daily or weekly.

avg antivirus

4. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security app gives maximum protection to the mobile phone. The special feature of this app is it has a GPS tracker. It allows you to track your device if it is stolen or missing. Also, it optimizes the device’s function. The app privacy scanner and network scanning are the additional features of this app.


5. Popup Ad Detector

It is a type of application. However, it does not remove any adware. Also, it is not a security purpose used app. Simply, it runs in the background which indicates which app is getting more pop-ups. It shows the location of adware. When the adware is detected the pop-ups are shown on the screen. Also, it cleans the adware.

Best Adware Removal Apps

6. Malwarebytes security

Millions of people trust this application. It is one of the best security apps. Malwarebytes security app blocks spam ads automatically.  Your mobile privacy is protected by this application. Also, it scans and removes all types of viruses like adware, ransomware. the main feature is it supports numerous languages. By using this one can have a safe browsing experience.

Best Adware Removal Apps

7. Norton 360

Norton 360 application has a good pack of features. The app has an anti-theft feature. If your mobile is stolen or missing you can track using this app. Moreover, it provides high-level online protection. You can safely backup your data here. Also, it blocks spammy, calls and texts. Moreover, the adware and malware can be removed using this app.

Best Adware Removal Apps


Above mentioned applications can be used to remove viruses. Malware and adware can be cleaned. Some of them show as pop-ups on-screen from where the adware is. The mobile can be protected using any of these applications. Also, these are the best ones of all adware removal apps. Anyone can install this app from the google play store. These applications protect your device from adware damaging. Once the app gets installed you will know how to use the application.

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