8 Best Airpod Apps For Android in 2022

8 Best Airpod Apps For Android in 2022: Apple Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds explicitly made to work with iPhones, iPad, and other Apple products. In extra to playing audio, they feature in-built microphones that screen out backdrop noise, which permits accepting phone rings and speaking to Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. These small gadgets are Bluetooth started and are usable with any other computer or smartphone.

So how could you have to have a product application to utilize Airpods with your Android gadget? You could inquire. Envision yourself shaking out to your beloved band while you drive, the unexpectedly your Airpods are out of charge.

The right application can assist with staying away from this abnormal circumstance, among others. The Airpod applications reestablish the underlying advantages of the Apple biological system, for example, the battery pointer, the twofold tap element to switch melodies, and the colleague.

  1. Assistant Trigger
  2. AirBattery
  3. Podroid
  4. AirBuds Popup
  5. Podscontrol
  6. Droidpods
  7. Airpopup
  8. Equalizer
  9. MaterialPods

1. Assistant Trigger

Assistant Trigger

Aide Trigger does what its name suggests. It prompts the goggle right hand on your Android phone utilizing an alternate route that guides to initiate Siri when associated with an IOS, a twofold tap. This DotArrow Inc. utility application offers the rate charge of the Airpods and the Aipod case as a warning. Tragically, the level of charge show isn’t extremely exact. Associate Trigger likewise sees when the Airpod is in the ear and resumes media playback. The application will hamper you with something like $2 for the two last option highlights.

2. AirBattery


The AirBattery is a utility application created by Georg Friedrich. It is valuable in showing current battery duration, and in-ear location for programmed playback. The programmed playback include is restricted to a couple applications. The Bluetooth low energy interface for the application possibly works when the area is on. You can likewise just check the battery levels with something like one Airpod for the situation. The ace rendition of the air battery application stretches out the fundamental usefulness to give notices on your telephone.

3. Podroid



This application is by Keonwoo Lee. The Podroid shows you the battery level each time you open the Airpod case. It additionally permits you to set the twofold tap motion on your Android to play/stop, skip, change volume and call the aide. Tragically, you can’t have the option to provide various orders to individual Airpods. Podroid is accessible on the Play Store. It likewise expects admittance to every one of your warnings to work accurately, and could in fact actuate or excuse buttons. This prerequisite could make an issue for clients who are excited about security.

4. AirBuds Popup


AirBuds Popup

This Developer J service app displays the battery status as a screen overlay or as a notification. It is reasonably fast and has ear detection abilities. AirBuds Popup also needs access to your notifications and location to function correctly. Features like reading Caller, Assistive listen, and notification features are only available in the premium version that costs around $ 1.5.

5. Podscontrol


Podscontrol has a (UI) that is flawless and directly forthright. It shows the gadget name and association data on the highest area. The element that follows is a battery charge show for the Airpods and the case, then, at that point, by a switch for empowering the checking framework. This switch can be impaired to augment battery duration. Lastly at the base is an adjustable component for twofold taps. Tragically, the Podscontrol doesn’t permit the task of taps to individual Airpods. The application is a take since it doesn’t have a paid rendition for every single accessible element, and it is not difficult to utilize. It likewise permits one to filter for unseen gadgets on the associations page.

6. Droidpods


Droidpods is principally notice arranged. The controls are in the notice cabinet, and the application sends an admonition assuming the charge goes underneath 10%. It doesn’t have a free form and can acquired at a cost of $2.5. The application doesn’t appear to do much else.

7. MaterialPods


MaterialPods is an Airpod application for Android that spotlights on observing the rate charge staying in the Airpod battery and case. The application has a programmed play and stops include for the Airpods and Google colleague access. It is viable with all ages of Airpods. MaterialPods require the area to be on to work accurately, and just work with Android 5.1 going up. Tragically, the application isn’t free, costing from $2 with refreshes going up to $5.

8. Airpopup


Airpopup provides elements such as battery life, hearing service, notification, and connection pop-up, that is natively not supported by Android devices. It displays the remaining battery rate and hearing time left. Tap gestures are also customizable. The app has ear detection abilities for when the user carries off an Airpod. Airpopup permits you to personalize your menu with some color. There is an option to undermine monitoring for battery life-saving. Regrettably, this app does not have a free performance and costs about $2.


Most of these applications can  situated in the Google Play Store. The applications likewise require your Android gadget to have Bluetooth availability. These applications have highlights that will assist you with partaking in your Airpods on your Android gadget without a very remarkable hustle. Contingent upon your inclinations, the assortment is wide. The greater part of the referenced applications was tried utilizing the second-era Airpods, however have additionally supported for the original. I favor the PodsControl application.

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