7 Best Clash Of Clans Private Servers For IOS & Android

7 Best Clash Of Clans Private Servers For IOS & Android: Looking to enjoy unlimited uses while playing Clash on Clan without getting banned? Clash of Clans is one of the most thrilling and famous games of all time. However, its official version never offers you a chance to research many gaming options, and therefore, the idea of the private server comes in. These private servers present the same opportunities as presented by the official version with an added hint of upgraded benefits.

But, selecting the best Clash of clans private server is not a cakewalk, thanks to the multiple options available in the market. Therefore, we have stepped in to make your selection easy and sound. We have done expansive research on a variety of private servers available and include rounded off the 7 best options to try out.

1. Clash of Magic

Let’s open the list with the clearest name, Clash of Magic. Its fame needs no unique presentation. This server offers a huge number of in-game commands to offer the best in-game experience to the players. Besides, Clash of Magic requires no rooted Android gadget and you can just utilize something similar without searching the adaptation of your smartphone. It likewise has an iOS form that works without escape.


Clash of Magic

CoM is further divided into four servers, namely:

  • The Black Magic: Clash of Magic S1
  • The Hall of Magic Server
  • The Power of Magic
  • The Hall of Magic 2: The Clash of Magic S4


  • Zero form time
  • No custom mods
  • Quick Server
  • Ordinary form cost
  • limitless resources

2. MiroClash CoC

A super-quick Clash of Clans Private Server, MicroClash CoC is notable for its waiter execution and equipment abilities. it has a local area of 10,000 players who are attempting to work on the server. This server additionally has Clash Royale mods to convey the best in-game experience.

MiroClash CoC


  • Overhauled safeguard
  • Limitless soldiers and armed force camps
  • Zero form time
  • Limitless pearls and gold

3 Clash of Lights

Otherwise called Clash of Clans Light Server, CoL is one of the steady, strong, and quickest CoC private servers available to date. This has the most minimal downtime among any remaining servers has the biggest users base. It has a sum of five servers, to be specific.

Clash of Lights


  • Clash of lights server 1
  • COL server 2
  • Clash of Clans Light server 3
  • CoL server 4
  • Clash of lights server 5


  • Limitless Resources
  • Best uptime
  • No Root required
  • Zero form time
  • Open everything in minutes

4. Dark Soul CoC

The next best Clash Of Clans Private Server is Dark Soul CoC, otherwise called Clash of Souls. It is a mod adaptation of Clash of Clans and endeavors to convey the best in-game involvement in its superior execution speed. The has sent off in 2014 with just 10 players ready however presently this server has more than 50K a day to day users.


Dark Soul CoC

It is again split into four servers. These are

  • The Heart Of soul ( Clash Of Souls s2)
  • Soul Eater a.k.a. (Clash of Souls S1)
  • The Vengeance Of Soul (Clash of Souls S3)
  • The Velocity of Soul (Clash of souls S4)


  • Make custom structures and saints
  • Open everything in minutes
  • Limitless jewels, gold, and elixir

5. ToxicLand

One of the famous Clash of Clans Private Server, ToxicLand is isolated into four servers. While Server 1 and 2 gloat imaginative structures things and troops, Server 3 and 4 resemble the authority game with endless assets. Besides, it offers you custom mods in the game like guarded structures and uniquely crafted troops.



  • Zero form time
  • Limitless resources like Gem Mine and Clock Tower
  • 2,000,000,000 Coins, Elixir, Gems, Dark Elixir

6. Clash of Dreams

Clash of Dreams is a useful CoC private server that has figured out how to bait a huge number of clients from one side of the planet to the other. An altered form of CoC permits gamers to play with limitless assets and vast open doors.

Clash of Dreams


  • Limitless assets
  • No root required
  • Quick server
  • Makes legend troops and city centers in only a single tick

7. Clash of Phoenix

One more well-known and worth difficult CoC private server is Clash of Phoenix. It offers a limitless measure of coins, diamonds, and elixirs to work with the players. In addition, it accompanies the no holding up time highlight with the goal that you can get to the assets rapidly. On this server, you can get everything for which you need to pay in the authority game.

Clash of Phoenix


  • Limitless resources
  • limitless soldiers
  • Worldwide visit and challenge
  • Zero form times for troops and saints
  • Accessibility of the night mode


So, this is all about the best Clash of Clans Private Server. Select any of these opportunities and enjoy an excellent gaming experience without wasting much time and effort.

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