5 Easy Methods to How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009: When using Roku to stream information, the “Error Code 009” occurs. It is generally caused by an issue with the net, but it can also happen if the user is sharing disconnection or authentication issues. The Roku error code 009 indicates that the Roku is incapable to connect to the internet.

It is able to connect to your router, but it is not accepting internet access. Don’t worry, our technical help group is always available to help you with your Roku errors. The Roku media player can experience some issues. You will get the tricks and some useful tips to manage the issue and get reliable effects by dialing the technical help number.

reasons behind the Roku Error Code 009:

  • DNS Cache
  • Internet Connection
  • Corrupted DNS cache
  • The long gap between device and router
  • Poor Internet Connection

1. Power Cycling Device to fix Roku Box Error Code 009

Power Cycling Device to fix Roku Box Error Code 009

Restarting the device generally best the diagram with regards to investigating strategies as it is the most helpful and simplest stunt to do. Power cycling assists with cleaning up the store information. And furthermore, the DNS reserve. Follow these means to begin.

  • Separate all the power rope from the attachment and devices (Roku, TV, switch.)
  • Presently, press the Power button and hold it for at least 10 – 20 seconds.
  • Set back or connect all the power links back to their situation. Ensure all joints are tight.
  • From there on, switch on the electric stockpile and permit your gadget to turn on.

2. Resetting the Network Configuration

Resetting the Network Configuration

It’s conceivable that the Roku Tv network settings have been undermined, restricting the device’s usefulness. Therefore, we’ll reset the organization setups in this progression. To do as such, you’ll have to:

  • Sign in to your Roku record and open it.
  • Go to the settings menu and pick “Framework.”
  • Select “Framework Restart” and afterward “Organization Connection Reset” on the accompanying tab.
  • Trust that the framework will restart after it has been reset.
  • Whenever the PC is turned on, go to the “Settings” menu and pick “Organization.”
  • Select the “Arrangement a New Wi-Fi Connection Option” from the “Wi-Fi” menu.
  • Pick the Wi-Fi network you need to connect to, then pick “I’m at home.”
  • In any remaining decisions, select “Programmed” and enter the secret phrase.
  • Verify whether the issue goes on after the association is finished

3. Delete Roku Cache

Delete Roku Cache

There is no point in keeping superfluous tainted store information in your framework, rather it will hurt your device.

  • Click the home button to go to the Roku home screen.
  • Presently follow this blend cautiously Tap the Home button multiple times + Up button + rewind button twice + quick forward twice.
  • From there on your Roku device will erase all the gadget store and again begins back in roughly 30 seconds.

4. Check Network Connectivity to fix Roku Box

Check Network Connectivity to fix Roku Box

Tap the Home button on the Roku tv remote and explore to settings. Pick your organization and afterward actually look at the strength association. Put your wifi switch to a higher spot for signal quality improvement. Decline the distance between your switch gadget and the ROKU contraption, they ought to be in nearness to some degree inside 15metres.

Incapacitate the wide range of various remotely related contraptions from the wifi. On the off chance that numerous devices are associated with similar wifi, web speed will decrease. Utilize an ethernet link to interface and work on the nature of web speed and availability as to when Roku and wifi switch is related remotely then there may be an opportunity that some electromagnetic item may be hindering the sign stream.

5. Factory Reset to fix Error Code 009 On Roku

Factory Reset to fix Error Code 009 On Roku

Now and again the product will fall under the justification for this blunder code. To stay away from these sorts of issues, you can undoubtedly do the course of plant reset. It will lead you to effortlessly settle your concern. Here are the simple approaches to processing plant reset.

  • On your Roku device, visit the Settings choice.
  • There, select the System choice.
  • Pick the System Reset and afterward enter the Factory reset choice.
  • The manufacturing plant resetting cycle will begin its work naturally. You can start to stream as expected with next to no mistakes.


Hope this Roku article effectively solves every one of the questions spinning around Error Code 009 Roku Tv. These 5 fixes have completely tried and checked by the master group. You can task them with full confidence.

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